SONOS integration

My SmartThings smart home is growing nicely. I am now after a smart speaker for my kitchen and I was looking at SONOS. I have read plenty online but many of the threads are out of date and pre the SONOS/SmartThings integration so I was looking for some feedback from others.

I have several Google Home minis which are integrated with SmartThings which I use for various commands but I also play the radio on it fairly regularly. I am after a speaker to play better sound when I am listening to the radio on Google Home, smart notifications to come through the speaker and (once setup) the ability to play music through Plex. Can I do this with a SONOS speaker?

Google Home/SONOS integration is supposedly happening in 2019 but no actual date. Can I integrate it throughout smartThings as Google Home is integrated with smartThings and SONOS is linked to SmartThings? Does SONOS handle SmartThings notifications well now they are integrated properly?

Comments suggestions please.

Biggest issue with using sonos for announcements for me has been not resuming music and volume level. Also it can be wonky based on what sonos you have grouped when the announcement fires.

I’ve tried to keep announcements to my Alexa devices and kindle wall panels and music to the sonos system.

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I thought that was pre-integration. Is it still the case?

I believe that depends on how the SmartApp is written. For e.g. RBoy Apps smartapps resume playing after making an announcement

My experience is with the native stuff in ST including the SHM announcements and also bigtalker which has a resume option but didn’t work for me. Having to open sonos app and browse back to whatever was playing prior to the announcement was enough of an annoyance for me to avoid using sonos for it. I wish the integration was better but in my experience it hasn’t been.