Add device error - Aeotec Hub

Just moved to an Aerotec hub. trying to add devices. whether I try Find device, QR, add by brand, I get the same error code - 07-999. Aerotech support has no idea what this code is. Help please.

Hi there,
Consider setting up your hub using an Ethernet connection first. Once finished, you can connect your Smart Home Hub to Wi-Fi afterwards. (Main Menu → Settings → Change device Wi-Fi network).

How to setup Smart Home Hub

What brand/model of any of the devices that you can not add? new devices or existing devices you are moving from another hub? Just checking to see if any z-wave devices need to be excluded or any zigbee devices reset if you are moving from another hub :slight_smile:

should probably ask what the led color is on the front of the hub when trying to add devices

Set it up by ethernet then moved to wifi. Any idea what that code means?

No Sorry, contact samsung support
Smartthings App> Menu> Contact Us> Call Customer Service.

That’s the message you get when a smartthings Wi-Fi device can’t connect. People used to get it with the old smartthings brand Wi-Fi camera, for example. It does sound like the hub is not properly connecting to Wi-Fi, for what that’s worth. Smartthings support should be able to say more.

ST support ran a couple of test. Says the hub is fine, but all 23-25 devices are having trouble connecting. I’ve reset 6-8 of them to factory default and tried to ‘Add Device.’ Still get the 07-999 error on each attempt.
Removed the hub from ST app and did a factory reset. Tried to add it to ST app. Now it’s on “Installing Firmware.” 99% complete, and has been there for 40 minutes. If I try to exit, I get “Wait until hub is ready.” Don’t want to die of old age while waiting.