How do I add A Thing after adding a custom Device Handler?

I recently found code for a Monoprice motion sensor and created a device handler for it. I can manually add a thing from the IDE but how do I get this new device to show up as a “thing” when adding the device? When I try to let the app “Start Looking for Things” it cannot find the monoprice device, and it is not in the list anywhere that I can choose it when trying to pair it.

I did a search on this topic but found nothing to answer this specifically.


You need to use the My Devices tab in the IDE and add a device using the “+ New Device” button in the upper right. You then need to fill out all of the required fields. The Type field is where you choose the new Device Type that you added. The Device Network Id can be anything as long it’s unique and not already listed under your existing devices. Also, be sure to choose a hub in the Hub field.

After adding it in IDE, it should show up under My Home -> Things in the SmartThings app.

I’m pretty sure you can’t add a real device directly in the IDE because the device has to go through the pairing process.

Did you open the motion sensor before you started the automatic Add Thing process?

Did you press the tamper switch inside the motion sensor a couple of times while SmartThings was looking for the device?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was wondering how to get the custom device handler to,show up on the mobile app so i can choose the device when I try to pair it. Did take cover off and pushed the tamper sensor and used paperclip to put monoprice motion sensor in activate mode as well. No joy.

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Is this the first time you tried pairing it or was it previously paired as a Thing?

You might want to try pulling the battery. Put it back in after about 15 seconds and then start the automatic add thing process in the mobile app.

It was the first time for this device.

Is it a Z-Wave device?

If so, try “excluding” the device from the Hub first:

So @toddellison did you succeed in adding your thing?

I have the same issue :slight_smile: