Eco link PIR motion sensor and z-wave switches

Hi all! I have a question that may have been addressed somewhere else but I can’t find an answer… I use a few Ecolink PIR motion sensors, but they have a refresh rate of 4 minutes (or 15 seconds in test mode but I’m not quite sure this wouldn’t eat up the batteries…). Here is what I’m trying to do: in a few rooms, my kids/wife turn the lights off using the switch, which is fine but if it is before the 4 minute delay, and you re-enter the room a few seconds later, the motion sensor status is still in “motion”, and therefore the lights don’t turn back on automatically (this happens all the time in my pantry for example). Is there a way to change the motion sensor status to “no motion” when someone manually turn the lights off (maybe with a few seconds delay)?
Thank you!

@Achilles, I have a couple Ecolink (also Monoprice) motion sensors and I have the jumper set to “test”. So far battery life has been really good. One has been in use for over a year.

For your pantry, you may want to consider an open/close sensor instead, assuming the door doesn’t stay open for any reason. Also, consider the new Iris and/or SmartThings motion sensors. They are very quick with motion / no motion reporting. In fact, I plan on getting rid of a couple Ecolinks and replacing them with the Iris sensor.


Thank you for the answer. I can’t use an open/close sensor because my kids leave the door open all the time :yum: I guess I will try to put the jumper on “test” and will definitely consider the Iris motion sensor going forward.

I have a downstairs hall bath that sees a lot of use in my house. I thought about using a motion sensor but was concerned with creating the exact issue that you have. I also thought of bulbs, but that wouldn’t work either. So, I went with an old fashioned method of automation.

I installed an occupancy sensor that resets as soon as motion stops.

Sure, it’s not connected. Sure, I can’t monitor it. Sure, I can’t put it on a scene or anything else.

But every single time someone goes in that room, even if they are passing in the first, that lights comes on… And then it turns itself off.

While not the most sexy fix, it is a very reliable fix.

I have one of these (a Lutron Maestro, to be precise) for my closet. Works perfectly, very reliable and you can adjust the off function to different times. In my opinion, there are some areas of the house where “connected” HA isn’t needed; like my closet, pantry and such.

That’s the same one I’m using. It’s perfect.

Good input, thank you much! I may go that route and use the z-wave switches and motion sensors somewhere else in my house. I should have thought of that :smile: