Action Tiles and New SmartThings App

I migrated to the New SmartThings App.

So what now for Action Tiles?

I see that Action Tiles is there in the New App in SmartApps, but is that just pulling from the Classic App?

I also setup Konnected Cloud and deleted the Konnected SmartApp out of the Classic ST app and Groovy IDE.

I noticed after I linked the Konnected Cloud, all the sensors I setup are now back in the IDE. Is this normal? Do all devices still go into the IDE even though they were installed on the New ST app?

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Not sure what you mean by Action Tiles is in the new app in SmartApps. It was not on mine. Action Tiles still works the way it did on the old app, when I migrated the only thing that changed for Action Tiles is does not work with the new SHM. You have to create some virtual devices to get the SHM status to work right in Action Tiles. The IDE still works the same as well for now, until they decide to dump it.

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It means that ActionTiles V6 (Connect) is in the list of SmartApps in new ST app. :slight_smile:

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Yep, this ^

ActionTiles works with the new app as well as it does with the Classic one. No action is required to use the new app.

The only exception is the lack of SmartThings Home Monitor integration, which is currently not available for 3rd party apps. This article describes a workaround to enable STHM on ActionTiles:


Thank you. Do you have a ballpark idea when the ST Home Monitor integration with AT will be available?

I don’t get any indication that SmartThings intends to release the STHM API. This is obviously a very important feature for ActionTiles users, I would love to offer it when it becomes available.

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