ActionTiles and new Smarthtings app?

@tgauchat, @625alex,

I am currently using both the ST Classic and New ST apps (I was migrated). My AT works great, but I have noticed that items uniquely added to the new ST app (my newer Samsung Powerbot R7070 vacuum) and Automations, are not showing in AT. I went back to my location to authorize the vacuum, but it was not listed. Went into the IDE, and it is not there either. However, it is in the new ST app, and it works from there.

My routines in ST Classic are available in AT, but the automations I set up are not.

To provide more info, I only have 1 location in the IDE that both ST CLassic and the new ST feed off of. I made sure to eliminate the new location from the migration so they were both attached to the same devices and handlers.


ActionTiles support can answer most accurately, but my understanding is that at the present time actiontiles does not have access to automations set up in the new app.

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Terry can correct me if I’m wrong, but Action Tiles currently only works with devices and automation in the old/current Groovy IDE. So any device or automation ONLY in the new environment won’t work. This means Samsung appliances, new app Smart Home Monitor, and scenes.


Thanks for chippin in, Jimmy. Not 100% accurate though.

  • ActionTiles is compatible with most devices, even those added via the New App, provided they claim one of the 5 fundamental Capabilities used for authorization filtering:

  • ActionTiles cannot call a Scene directly (whether it is a Classic App Scene or New App Scene … which I think are the same thing?). There is no “Groovy API” to call Scenes, and thus we have to convert to the new API to call Scenes directly. Work on this has been started.

  • ActionTiles can call a Classic Routine which can, in turn, call a Scene.

  • New App “Automations” are not the same as Classic “Routines”. Therefore, we cannot directly trigger a New App “Automation”; but you could link Virtual Momentary or other trigger to that Automation, and add that Virtual device to ActionTiles.


Not the same.

Different features and different triggers. Initially they were completely independent, but a month or so after launch of the new app you could then see your scenes that had been created in the classic app in the new app and use them there.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think the reverse is true, I believe that scenes created in the new app will not be visible in the classic app.

  1. All my Scenes that were created in the Classic App are present in the New App.

  2. I just created a new Scene in the New App, and it instantly appears (and can be executed) in the Classic App. It cannot be edited.

  3. The New App Scene can be called by a Classic Routine. Therefore, ActionTiles is able to execute New App Scenes by using the Classic App to create a Classic Routine that just “Activates a Scene”.


Thanks! Scenes are one of those features that have been “rapidly evolving“ in the new app.

Did you try setting up a scene in the new app that includes a device that can’t be included in a scene in the classic app?

No… I don’t have any such devices.

But… I assume that it will still execute in the Classic App (including from a Classic Routine). The fact that certain New Devices cannot be used when building a Classic Scene, is why New Scenes cannot be edited in the Classic App.