Account Notice, Update Now - Existing User

I run the ST App (classic) almost exclusively on my Android mobile. I have not seen any notices from ST to update my ST App Classic to the new ST App. Last night I fired up the Classic in my iPad and got the following message.
Important Account Notice
A new Smartthing app is here……………acton to keep your account active
Learn More Update Now.

So which is it? Do I stick with my android version of ST and wait till I get notified on this app or should I proceed with the update on my iPad? If the latter, how will that affect my android version???

Don’t switch Apps!

You’re only required to update your login to a Samsung login. The message is inaccurate and premature.


So the “Update Now” button is only to update my login??

That is correct, the update is to migrate your account from SmartThings to Samsung. Once you create the new login, you can logout of your app on the other device and login again but choose new user and then select Samsung account to login with. Probably a good idea to logout of the other device before performing the migration.


Done… Did get stuck at “I’m not a Robot” . Kept asking me to identify pictures with street sign over and over and over again. Different set each time. After about 2 minutes of that the theme switched to Store Fronts then to Cars then back to Street signs. Finally gave up and restarted the update process. No problems 2nd time around.

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