Account migration does not work for married couples and families

we know that ActionTiles will continued to be appreciated by lots of people

I thought about a use case of ActionTiles for @zraken. If he were to use a generic Samsung login (support could change the account owner) then AT on his, wife’s and kids phones all would work. He could then use a tablet for system maintenance. The tablet would save having to re-setup Samsung Pay each time maintenance is required. He might even be able to be use Arc Welder in Chrome with Smartthings instead of the tablet I suppose.

I don’t have a use case for AT so hadn’t thought about it as an option.

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ActionTiles has more granular control for “shared dashboard Panels” too; so this is a valuable configuration.

We currently can’t be a “phone presence device” though … but there are options like Life360 and similar, I think.

Life 360 works great for us, much better than the built in presence sensing. It also has the bonus of being able to see other family members on a map to know how far away they are.

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Nope, I don’t have an option to “Add” users on that screen, the only option I see is to “Edit” and even with that I cannot do anything mabye because there’s just the one account.

I know you are trying to help and I appreciate that. However, I do not see an option to “Add” users in the classic app. Maybe that feature got disabled (I’m following these instructions)?
As of now my only option appears to be for myself and my wife to use our respective separate accounts to make sure Samsung Pay works fine and then try out Action Tiles with a 3rd account so Samsung Pay does not get mixed up with home security and control on the same account (yes privacy matters for me).
I really got used to the Smartthings Dash view and the quick Mode settings change buttons and the Alarm Panel UI (I’m hoping I can do all that from AT).
I wish I didn’t have to abandon ST App.

That’s because, like we feared they would, SmartThings/Samsung shut the Contact Book down this week. It will vanish next week.

Shared users are still a thing. In the Classic app on Android I can hit the three line menu, then Manage Users, and add users there.


I’m afraid I do not see the entire “Shared location with” section or the “+ Add User” option. I am currently using the IOS latest version of the Classic App.

I don’t have any ios devices. Maybe someone will chime in.

I’m on Android too. We are out of town but I will try and look at my wife’s iOS in the morning. AT may work for you too as you wouldn’t have to create Samsung accounts for the kids.

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This is what the “more” screen looks like on my iOS device.

Tapping on “manage users” brings me to this screen.

Unfortunately I don’t have those options on my classic app.

I would contact SmartThings support then. You not having the Manage Users screen seems like a bug to me. The official support page says that it should be there:


Ok, here’s what I finally settled on… AT did not make sense with the additional cost given that the ST App already is supposed to give me the functionality I needed. So I just gave up on Samsung Pay and set up my Samsung phone with the Samsung account I have for ST.
Samsung Pay was definitely convenient and well designed but Samsung is forcing me to choose so I am choosing ST and abandoning Samsung Pay.
Note: I also chose to not be coerced into combining unrelated capabilities into one account.

We always hope that folks using the 14-Day free trial of ActionTiles discover that the customizable dashboard Panels it offers delivers value in many areas, not just secure sharing of selected Things with household members. The SmartThings Apps have very limited customization abilities of their user interface, and the convenience & efficiency of custom layouts, PIN Protected Tiles, multiple concurrent views of different attributes of a sensor, etc, etc, very much worth the small increment of only $28.99 per Hub (less than the cost of most single “Things”) - regardless of number of Things and family members.

But we agree that more flexibility for multi-user households in the official ST Apps is critical foundational functionality for a SmartThings home. Glad you sorted it out and shared your solution…

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Sorry you had to give up Samsung Pay but glad that you did find something that works for you. If you still want to look at a “dashboard” option you may want to take a look at


I don’t understand, have you found the ability to add another user yet? This is the path you need to go, add another user, add your partner’s email so that they can keep their Samsung Pay login and also login to the SmartThings Classic/New app, note that it will create an additional presence sensor when doing so.

I’m not sure why you are giving up on anything when the functionality is there and you don’t need to give up on anything.

Yes, AT is a good product and I appreciate the choice that it provides. Just that for my use cases I did not need all that functionality.


Yes, got that too work by using a new Android phone. I don’t know why I was having issues with the two phones that I already had Samsung accounts setup.
Also, even with creating additional accounts since I’m only allowed to use one Samsung account per phone I will have to use that one account for both Samsung pay and smartthings and I don’t want that (these are unrelated services and I don’t care for Samsung to know that these are related somehow).

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I’ve used the app version in the past with Tasker (good integration BTW), didn’t realize you have a web dashboard now. I’ll try that out.


I’m not sure why you have to use the same account? Is it not letting you change one or something?