SmartThings login migrating to Samsung account login major problem with shared account

My SmartThings app has finally asked for me to migrate to a Samsung account for login, but I’ve avoided doing it for a week because of these problems:

  1. Our household uses a shared household email account so that we all can login and use SmartThings and share one setup and one configuration, including the IDE.

  2. We use Samsung phones, which only allow ONE login per device to a Samsung account.

  3. We each have a separate Samsung account because the phones are backed up to them as well as personalized with Samsung Pay and credit cards, etc.

So the major problem is that if I convert to any individual Samsung account, all my other household members would lose access to SmartThings since they don’t have my Samsung account login. They could not use my account anyway since their Samsung phone only allow ONE Samsung account login per device.

So what is the solution in my use case? How do I continue to use SmartThings and share a common config between all my household members with the new Samsung account requirement?

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Use the shared user function. Read this thread:



Thank You–I’ll have to take a look.