Probelm with ST Shared Login and Samsung Devices

My Wife and I use a shared login for our Smartthings and we also have seperate personal accounts for our Samsung Galaxy phones… All of the sudden today the app wants me to use a Samsung Account (like used for our Galaxy phones) and wants me to sign-out off our personal phone accounts on our phones and re-login under the shared account just to login into the Smartthings app!

Is this they way it supposed to be all of the sudden or is something wrong?

In either case please fix it! We should not have to Logout of our personal accounts to use another Samsung account just to access our Smartthings app and all it’s devices and security functions!

We don’t want to share contacts and other stuff like backed-up data, that is why we use a shared account for smartthings and separate individual accounts for our phones…

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Not sure why it changed, but you should use separate logins for SmartThings, anyway. This way mobile presence functions correctly.

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We don’t use presence. I believe it’s an unforeseen consequence of them switching from Smartthings account to Samsung Accounts. I will have to have them cheange my email for Smartthings so I can access it again without having to logout on either of our phones… for now I have a blank smartthings app inder a login I don’t use for it…

yeah, definitely get in contact with support

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I’m trying to contact support and it’s been over 3 days and not one word from them on anything… This is ridiculous!


have you tried calling or live chat?

I have run into a similar problem. The Classic App is what I want to use and it insists on using the Samsung account that is registered with my Galaxy 8. The problem is I don’t want to use the Samsung account on my phone (which is used for Samsung Pay etc.) with Smartthings. I have set up a separate account on Samsung for Smartthings but everytime I want to switch between using Samsung Pay and Smartthings I have to into the Phone settings to change my Samsung account. The right solution would be to allow for multiple Samsung accounts to be registered on the phone and select one to use with Smartthings (google does this really well).
As of now the Single Samsung Account per phone model does not make sense and is a brain dead approach. I hope they let us switch back to using ST accounts until Samsung allows multiple Samsung accounts on Samsung phones.

They won’t.

This is ridiculous, I have spent the past week going back and forth with Smartthings tech support (which is still a seperate company owned by Samsung who bought Smartthings) and he acknowledged there is an issue with people with shared logins in Smartthings being switched over properly when the people own Samsung phones as well with Samsung accounts already.

He shows my hub as having dual owners but only one can access (of course it’s the wrong one)… He doesn’t know how it happened but is pawning off as one of us migrating wrong but we never migrated knowingly… We may have had to relogin but never got the “Migration” notice.

He says even though it shows 2 owners he can’t change anything tki make the other account the rightful owner…

I mean in Smarrthings Groovy IDE we can change the name but not our associated email? It shows it but can’t change it. I get if maybe we can’t change it but I am pretty sure their programmers could find a way and mostly likely could do it…

To me it sounds as if its a case of they can but they won’t…

Never assume what “can” be done (or what’s practical and justified for them to make possible).

That said - Yes… It seems that the data structure should give them the flexibility to shuffle Locations and Things around, between Accounts, etc., but I think they didn’t anticipate this problem with the Account login migrations.

You are correct we should never assume.

I also didn’t add that they weren’t all to willing to even try or suggest they try to remedy it. The Tech just says they can’t (or HE can’t). He basically said either use what you got or start over…

Let me also add I had to push, and I mean push, for him to even look into what might have happened. It wasn’t until he pushed me off to Samsung Accounts at Samsung and they pushed me back to the Smartthings support for him to even discover that there were two account owners on my hub and finally admit that yes there is a known issue…

Now I am sitting here waiting close to another 24hours for a repsonse to my last reply and remarks that their solutions are unacceptable.

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They have really messed up my account as well, my hub is actually under a completely different email address that was never associated with my account other than I logged into that hub too sometimes. Something happened during migration seemingly. Support will not help me so I am left having to rebuild 2 hubs and houses full of devices :confused:

Unfortunately I had to reset my hub and add it under my Samsung Account and re-setup all the hardwork I did before… NOT HAPPY! but had to be done if I want it to work like it’s SUPPOSED to!

Having same issue! Their brilliant support does not even answer and its clearly their “smart” developers made this mess possible with accounts.