According to Google Home, SmartThings has 4 unexpected devices

I have a Google Home, a SmartThings hub and a smart dimmer.

I added the smart dimmer to the SmartThings and it works.

I added the SmartThings to Google Home and I can control the smart dimmer with Google Home.

So far everything works as expected.

My question is about 4 other devices listed by Google Home called “good morning!”, “good night!”, “good bye!” and “I’m back!”.

What are they?
I would like to either use them or remove them.

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They are activity triggers. If you go into your SmartThings app, you’ll see them listed there. You can set devices to automate certain functions based on either manually setting the modes or by time.

Open your SmartThings Classic app and then goto Automation/Routines. See 'em?

The automation page is empty. If I try to add something I can’t find anything similar to activity trigger.

Can you please add some details?

I just noticed I have two SmartThings apps, and one of them shows the 4 items.

Why do I have two apps?
Which one should I use?

You should NOT use the one that looks like a messed up snowman with all the tiny circles!

The other one is the SmartThings Classic app. Only one you should be using. Those 4 Routines are the defaults that came with your account.

The one with this logo is the one you use


The other app is the app of the future that they are working on now. Yes it’s available to us, but it doesn’t have much functionality and it’s not ready. You can see the thread for SmartThings Classic versis the new app.

This is the logo for the new app - Do not use right now. No need to.


The one-circle app looks better, but when I pull down the notification bar and tap on home hub the wrong app opens.
Should I uninstall it?

No. Force stop or Force close that app on your phone and don’t open it. The notifications for that app will stop if the app is stopped.

If I force stop the bad app the notification disappears for a few seconds, then it reappears.

I haven’t seen the notification for the good app. Does the notification even exist on the good app?

Configuration is different for SmartThings Classic.

Both apps share the same IDE.

How did both apps get on your device? Did you install both of them manually or do you have a Samsung S9 perhaps that the new app came preloaded on?

If you manually installed both, you could uninstall the new app.

I would recommend leaving it alone though. You could go and turn Notifications off in the app instead.

Which model hub do you have?

Also, which model phone do you have?

Thank you for your comment. I was searching for the reason I got a message from SmartThings telling me to click on a banner to upgrade to the new app, but there was no banner to click on. I looked through the SmartThings app and saw nothing. Your comment saved me a lot of grief. I will wait until the new app is finished before I download it

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