New to Smartthings... got a couple of questions: which app? Color temp bulbs? Google Assistant w/o Home? Preset dimmer?

Hi everyone, I started buying my equipment (little by little).
So far I have the Smartthings hub kit (came with one outlet, two multi-purpose sensors, and one motion sensor).
And four (4) GE z wave dimmers.
My first question… my phone already had a “smartthings Samsung Connect” app installed (didn’t even know) and I installed a “Smartthings Classic”. The classic one seems better… is that one I should be using?
I recall seeing a few years ago some led bulbs that when you dim them not only they will lower their output, but they will also change their color temperature (something from 5k white to 2.8k ). They didn’t come with a remote or anything special. Is there anything like that available? (I couldn’t find it).
My next purchase is the Google Assistant or Alexa. After some reading, it seems like a toss between the two. Is it possible to hook Google assistant from my phone to test it out? I tried, but didn’t see how.


It is best to use the ST Classic app for now. The new ST (Samsung Connect) app is not ready at this point.

You can install the Google Assistant app on your phone and link it to ST.


Thanks for the ultra fast response! I will take a look at the links. There’s one more thing (not sure if it’s possible or not).
Is it possible to preset a dimmer level (on a GE Zwave switch) without actually turning on the light? Basically I would like to set the dimmer to 25% after midnight and back to 100% at sunrise. So if I turn a light (example a bathroom light at night is already fairly dim)?


Assuming you’re just talking about dumb bulbs, Phillips LED bulbs with “warm glow” can do this.

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Welcome! :sunglasses: In the future, if you start one thread per device class and put the device name in the title you will get a lot more responses. This is a very busy forum, but for exactly that reason people tend to skip over topics that just look too general. And since SmartThings supports so many different devices, if you can be more specific, you will attract answers from people who are using those particular devices.

Anyway, the bulbs you are asking about are smart bulbs which can change color temperature. There are a number of them that work with SmartThings (and some that don’t).

They are often called “adjustable white” rather than “dimmable white,” although they will also dim.

Here are some that will work with SmartThings:

This includes the Hue white Ambiance (with the hue bridge)

Sylvania tunable white

LIFX Adjustable White

Note that each of these brands has multiple models, some of which only dim while others can adjust color temperature, so read product descriptions carefully.

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Wow, Thanks a lot for all the help and tips… I got Google assistant working last night… and those bulbs was what I was talking about.

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Unfortunately no. When you issue the “set level” command to the dimmer, the first thing it does is turn on.