New to SmartThings, I would like to know how to use Google home with it


I would like to say Good Night to my Google home mini then my SmartThings hub would turn off my light. I’m able to press the Good Night button on the SmartThings App on my phone which works.

Any Idea how to do this?

I say “Hey Google, Good Night” every night and it shuts off all available lights in my home.

Look in the Google Home App: More Settings/Shortcuts/Good Night

See if that is toggled on. That did the trick for me.

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yep also ifttt works well for specific wording. if (google assistant) then (smartthings). Google home gets weird with shortcuts sometimes. like it has to recognize your voice to perform them unless you’re in guest mode. if you want multiple things to happen at goodnight make a routine in smartthings app first then choose it in ifttt.

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Support article from the ST website is always a good place to start.

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For some reason I have to say to my Google Home mini “Activate Good Night”

Yes, i have it toggled on.

did you setup goodnight as a routine in the smartthings app? If it’s already on from yesterday, it might not restart it.

In Google Home set a shortcut called ‘Goodnight’ and have it run the command “Activate Good Night”.

The hard part is not knowing the commands. The command i used on Google Home mini was “Activate Good Morning” and it worked. I’m not liking the word Activate so i may see what i can do with IFTTT.

you don’t need IFTTT for that. just go to “More Settings”, then “Shortcuts” in the Google Home App, and add a more natural phrasing. ours works with “OK Google Good Night” or “OK Google I’m going to bed”…it’s totally up to you though.

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