Accidentally deleted SHM

So I was having some trouble with a function in the SHM that kept happening even after I deleted it. So I figured I would uninstall SHM via the IDE and reinstall it. Sadly, because I’m dumb - I can’t gigure out how to reinstall the SHM. Now it isn’t on my dashboard and I’m not sure how to get it back.

Can’t he add it back in by going to the Marketplace under Safety and Security?


In the mobile app, goto Marketplace / Safety and Security and select it. It should add back in for you. Screenshot above.

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Sadly it isn’t there for me. I just see the following. I’ve emailed support but I don’t know how long they take to sort stuff like this.

How about under SmartThings Recommends?

Nope. I’ve properly messed it up it seems. :frowning:

I’m so annoyed with myself. Looks like I’m in the hands of support.

That’s good to hear. Thanks for trying anyway! All very new to this, but enjoying it immensely.

:joy: lesson learned today.

Wonder why you guys don’t see it. UK version perhaps.

It should be easy for them to add it back.

I was doing so well adding my own device handlers and smart apps, I had to f**k up at some point I guess :man_shrugging:t3: :joy:

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We’ve all been there. We all have to learn something the hard way.


Is it not just missing because I deleted it? Or would that not affect the marketplace?

You would think that at least the Core (no pun intended) SmartApps would be in both Marketplaces.


It’s missing for Robin as well.

Strange. Annoying. But strange.

Not totally sure how you ended up in that state but it should be resolved. :slight_smile:


Brad my friend, you are a legend. high five


Not trying to stir up the pot, but why does the Marketplace not display this under SmartThings Recommends or Safety and Security for the UK as my screenshots from the US show?

Robin confirmed that he didnt see it and Im sure he has SHM still installed on his Dashboard.

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Well buy the house already! :grin:

:joy: you could always fly across the pond and have more device availability. That spaceship can bring you into modern times.

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