Empty Dashboard

(David Bushell) #1

I get no Smart Home Monitor on the dashboard. It just days ‘you don’t have any solutions yet’. Is there something I need to do to enable it?

(Ashiq Nazir) #2

I had the same situation and then it popped up a few days later.

(Chris) #3

Smart Home Monitor appeared for me for about an hour and then disappeared again :frowning: No idea how to get it back, have emailed support in hopes they can shed some light on it.

Not great so far, have a faulty outlet with a loose connection (support contacted and fully expect it to be dealt with) and no SHM :confused:


Same here, SHM appeared briefly, came out and went into Dashboard and it’s gone again and not reappeared since!

I’m wondering does it only appear after it “thinks” it will be useful after analysing the setup or something?

(Chris) #5

I had the same problem and emailed support the other day, I thought i’d missed something in the setup. I’ve not seen the SMH once, since i’ve used the app. Reply from support regarding this…

"You’ve not missed anything during set-up, the Dashboard is going through a facelift. There were a few bugs in the previous iteration, that we’re working out.

I’ve had a quick chat with one of the guys in the know, and he’s promised exciting things are incoming. Keep an eye out for updates to the app, which will bring across these (currently secretive) features."


Emailed support and they enabled SHM for me. They also asked if I had ever seen it and whether i uninstalled it? I replied that it appeared by itself after a few days, then disappeared by itself after using it the one time.

(Aaron S) #7

The missing SHM solution on the Dashboard should be fixed. If you are still seeing issues (or it didn’t reappear), shoot an email over to support@smartthings.co.uk (<-WAY nicer than those .com jerks) and they’ll get you taken care of right away.

(Chris) #8

Still nothing for me, I’ll email support (again) about it. I sent one in a few days ago and haven’t had a response.

Still waiting for an update on my faulty outlet too @Aaron :wink:

(Aaron S) #9

@Kriskit I’ve got you covered on the outlet front. Email coming from me at end of business today. Let support know about the SHM and they’ll get you up and running.

You are a rockstar. @Chuck_Norris is not.

(Tim Smith) #10

I had this issue too, just emailed UK customer support and they fixed it right away. Great stuff guys.

(Chris) #11

Mine is now sorted :smile: