Access oven timer from SmartThings

The most useful feature I can imagine for my oven is simply to be able to see the oven timer. And most importantly, to receive a notification on my phone or watch that it has reached the end! The built in timer is nearly useless because it is quiet, and only ‘rings’ for a short time. If I am in another room, I can’t hear the timer go off. If a notification was sent to my phone, I wouldn’t miss the timer going off.

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Set a timer on your phone in place of using the oven timer…

Siri on Apple phone or Google Assistant on Android phone can set timers via voice command, generally quicker to use than an oven timer.

Or Alexa if you’ve got an Echo device. Also quick and easy and loud and insistent when the timer goes off.

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Brand and model of the oven? I use a cosori smart oven, and it does send me a notification on the phone when cooking is done, as well as making an Alexa announcement. Very useful. But of course it’s not a full size oven, it’s a countertop model. And the only integration with smart things is through Alexa routines as an intermediary. But it works very well for our household. :sunglasses: