Samsung Oven - APIs for setting cooking mode / setpoint / cooking time

Hi all!

We recently bought a Samsung Oven, and I would like to be able to control it through a small software I’m developing which is running on my Raspberry Pi.

I would need to set the temperature setpoint, cooking mode and cooking time through the Smartthings API.

I’ve tinkered with them, and it seems that the APIs I need fall into the “Proposed Capabilities” category (not available now): Proposed Capabilities | SmartThings Developers

I would like to know if my understanding is correct and if there is another way to achieve such goals.

Thank you!

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Tagging @nayelyz for help!

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‘Proposed’ is rather like ‘your mileage may vary’. I’ve known capabilities to remain ‘proposed’ for years while being fully functional and in use in official and certified integrations. I do sometimes suspect that there are ‘proposed’ capabilities that only exist because custom capabilities aren’t permitted in certified integrations.

I’ve not got any appliances in SmartThings but from what I can tell even when they do expose capabilities in the API they may not be fully functional for end users.

When it comes to Samsung labelled devices and SmartThings it can often feel that they are not so much integrated as entangled.

Nayely has been tagged and will be better informed in this respect.

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Thanks a lot for your response!

To be more specific, I can confirm that the following commands aren’t working with my Samsung Oven indeed:

  • setOvenMode (ovenMode capability)
  • setMachineState (ovenOperatingState capability)
  • setOvenSetpoint (ovenSetpoint capability)

As I send those commands Smartthings returns with a 200 HTTP Status code, but nothing happens on the oven.

The only thing I’m allowed to do is to turn the appliance off.

Also, what’s the best way to assess which commands my appliance really supports?



Can’t you control the oven directly with the Smartthings App on your phone or with Home Assistant on the Pi?

Hi Andrew, I’ve tested with HA with no luck (at the end of the day, it uses the same SmartThings API). The app works fine, but I need to trigger such commands from a custom-made automation software I’m writing.

Sorry for the delay.
About capabilities in “proposed” state, this is the description provided by the engineering team:

Mutable, should be supported in APIs but considered beta bugs can happen. Use at your own risk.

Also, something to consider is that OCF devices such as Ovens work at a Plugin level (ST app), not the API level. This means that depending on the configuration of the device controller, not all the info is saved in the API and commands received from there might bring unexpected results.
In this post I shared more info about the functionality:

You can use the proposed capabilities but they might not work as you expect. OCF devices work best using them from the ST app. The team is aware of the requirement for an improvement of their functionality, there’s no more info so far.


Hello, I just want to +1 this request. This functionality is definitely something I am looking for as well. The app UI shouldn’t be the only possible way to start the oven. The safety feature of having to turn the remote control button on anytime the door is opened should not be overridable, IMO. Although annoying at times, it’s a very good method to make sure nothing unwanted (leftovers, pans, pets or kids) is in there before starting. But it should be possible for other controllers (e.g. Home Assistant and Hubitat) to fully interface and control the oven features with parity to the app.

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+1 for this request. We really need open SmartThings, I want to use 1500$ oven within Home Assistant.

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Same here. fucntions not working

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