Samsung Oven/Range and Cooktop Sync Time API

I want to be able to sync the range’s clocks when there is a power outage, daylight saving time changes, etc.
In the SmartThings mobile app’s device settings, there is an option to Sync Time. So this is supposed to be an API for setting device time. I have searched for suitable commands in all oven/range capabilities and have not been able to find any command that can be used to set the time.
Do you have any idea what API I can use to set device time?

@orangebucket is the API guru, if there is one he might know about it or can find it.

Appliance integrations are something of a mystery to me. As far as I can make out the integrations are directly with the app so it is behaving more like a ‘remote control’ app, and I’ve no idea what the mechanism is for any broader integration with the SmartThings ecosystem and what its extent is.

Yes, device integration is a mystery.
I believe the SmartThings application communicates with the range/oven driver via the OCF/execute API.
I also heard that there is OCF Device Spy. The only OCF Device Spy I’ve found works on Windows. I’m not sure if this will help me or not.
Are there any other tools that could help to see the OCF traffic?