Acceleration Sensor


What ocfDeviceType should be provided for Acceleration Sensor? doesn’t seems to be working.

Also, what category should be used? The closest category I could find is MultiFunctionalSensor.

When using accelerationSensor capability in the profile, it is shown as ‘Vibration sensor’ in the detailed view. Why isn’t it called vibrationSensor capability then?


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I’ve seen that’s the name of the sensor that detects the vibrations: “Acceleration sensor” or “Accelerometer”.

The icon will depend on the type of device or it only detects the vibrations? It is used in some devices to receive the events of shock like a knock on a door.

I couldn’t find the metadata for an “acceleration” icon either, have you checked the details of the profile when the vibration sensor icon is set automatically to see if specific metadata is assigned?
Use the following command:

smartthings deviceprofiles profileId -j

Are you talking about a MEMS acceleration sensor? I haven’t seen any that are compatible with smartthings. :thinking:

Most accelerometers that work with smartthings (vibration sensors are a subset of these) are piezo electric sensors. Vibration detection is a popular use case, but they are also used to report 3 dimensional tilt position and in tamper alerts.

The SmartThings Zigbee multi sensor and the Fibaro zwave multi sensor are probably historically the two most popular devices in this category for SmartThings users.

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Hi @nayelyz ,
Thank you for a quick replay.

I’m planning to add a virtual acceleration sensor to Virtual Things Edge Driver.
For now, I only need accelerationSensor capability, but I’m considering also threeAxis.
So the icon probably will not change.

The icon is not set automatically for profile with accelerationSensor capability. For the following profile I get the default things icon.

name: vAccelerationSensor (YG)
- id: main
  - id: accelerationSensor
    version: 1
  - id: healthCheck
    version: 1

The device profile looks like this:

name: vAccelerationSensor (YG)
  - label: main
    id: main
      - id: accelerationSensor
        version: 1
      - id: healthCheck
        version: 1
    categories: []
  vid: 61c0e7d3-523d-337f-861a-8008620e4c71
  mnmn: SmartThingsCommunity
  presentationId: 61c0e7d3-523d-337f-861a-8008620e4c71
  driverId: 054cf51f-0171-4d25-acd2-9dc739cce921
  manufacturerName: SmartThingsCommunity
  driverStatus: DEVELOPMENT
  deviceProfileName: vAccelerationSensor (YG)
preferences: []
  ownerType: IMPLICIT
  ownerId: '823'
migrationStatus: NOT_MIGRATED

Using MultiFunctionalSensor category does not change the icon, it remains the default

The ocfDeviceType should really be redundant if the mobile apps respect Categories (has that been fixed yet?), but the idea of a single device type still has obvious appeal given that Categories are set on components and you can have multiple categories on each.

Last time I checked there were a little over 50 categories / device types recognised by SmartThings. That doesn’t mean you can’t use others, only that they haven’t drawn any icons for them yet. So there probably isn’t anything suitable for an acceleration sensor.

The apps presenting the Acceleration Sensor capability as Vibration Sensor has been irritating me for years. The apps are in a world of their own with terminology.

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@JDRoberts I was thinking about virtual device, that could potentially be used to represent different types.
You example for vibration sensors with threeAxis and tamperAlert capabilities is interesting, thanks.
Do you think it would make sense to add them to a virtual acceleration/vibration sensor?


I couldn’t agree more. However, I didn’t find a category that would yield an icon, suitable for vibration/acceleration sensor. MultiFunctionalSensor category gives a default ‘things’ icon

There’s an issue about the icons not being assigned based on the category (the engineering team is already looking into it). For now, the multiFunctionalSensor needs this metadata in the device profile:

Multisensor icon

  deviceType: MultiFunctionalSensor
  deviceTypeId: MultiFunctionalSensor 

Although, the icon is similar to a contact sensor. I think the icon of “motion sensor” fits better, when the status in the dashboard is “active” the icon jolts and shows those lines in red.

Motion sensor


  deviceType: MotionSensor
  deviceTypeId: MotionSensor

Pretty sure the artist based it on the SmartThings brand multi sensor, which is very unusual in being a contact sensor as well as an accelerometer. ( it may have been designed for a garage door use case.)


Valid, but so is your argument. Basically once you have a class for “multisensor“ it’s hard to pick the right icon. I mean, what do you do with this one?


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