Better Driver for Aeotec Zigbee Multipurpose Sensors?

Hi, I have over 30 of the Aeotec 4-in-1 window and door sensors called the “Aeotec SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor - Zigbee - Door and Window Sensor.” I ordered them from Amazon. They can monitor open/close, temperature, and vibration.

I am wondering if there’s a different driver I can install for these. Right now, Home Monitor in the SmartThings app will not report when they vibrate. It doesn’t even see them as vibration sensors - I’m unable to select them from the Vibration menu. Of course Home Monitor does alert me when they open/close, and I can see when they vibrate on their individual device pages, but that’s it.

I can make a custom routine that alerts me when there’s vibrations, but this isn’t ideal since I can’t see the names of which sensors sent the alert. I would have to make 30+ routines that includes each one’s name.

Is there a driver out there that will allow these to be seen as vibration sensors in Home Monitor? And maybe even adjust their sensitivity levels? Thank you!

(Currently they use the “Zigbee Contact” driver from SmartThings.)

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I can’t answer your question directly, but this is a good reason they need to allow the use of variables in routines. WebCoRE.

What you can do is a bit convoluted, but you can create a virtual contact sensor (or virtual motion sensor), and actuate that when the real sensor detects vibration, and have smartthings home monitor (STHM) use the virtual sensor. So you can still get the alerts and stuff it’s just that it’s going to tell you that it was opened or motion instead of telling you that it was vibration. I don’t know if that’s useful to you or not, and it is a bit complicated to set up, but it can be done if you’re interested. :thinking:


Aeotec provides Edge drivers for their devices. Don’t know if that will get you what you want. @JDRoberts idea of using virtual devices is probably your best bet.

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Thank you for this suggestion! By any chance would you have a guide for how to do this?

Do you know where I can find the driver from him? Do you have a link?

Hi @SurferJon

This is the link to my channel.

Enroll your hub in the channel and install the contact Mc zigbee driver.

The ideal is to uninstall the devices with the app and pair them again with the driver, but you can try changing the driver.

In the settings menu you have a preference to adjust the sensitivity, choose the setting for aeotec, samjin.
Each unit is equivalent to 0.063 mG of acceleration threshold.


Hi @SurferJon

for made easy the @JDRoberts suggestion, to create virtual contact sensor devices then, If the driver date version of zigbee contact Mc installed in your hub is 2024-01-21T12:42:40.021253163 then you can create virtual devices for vibration events that you coud add to STHM and activate warning when vibration, acceleration is detected


Wow! This is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Amazing work! :tada:


Thanks @JDRoberts

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Oh my goodness, this sounds absolutely wonderful! I deleted the previous version to get it to update but no luck yet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to update your driver to support this. You’re amazing! And what a wonderful and responsive community! :slight_smile:


You can both install and force a driver update with the ST CLI on Mac/Windows/Linux using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:install”.

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Sorry, i forgot publish the new version :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Published now

If you delete old version and install driver from my Channel then it is updated version

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It works PERFECTLY, thank you so much! I’m gonna play with everything now. You’re the best!!


I’m glad it works!

Since you are going to play to configure devices and if you are not going to use the sensors to control temperature, only to monitor them and you want to save battery, I would recommend using this configuration, which I also use:

  • Maximum temperature reporting interval 60 minutes
  • Always reportable temperature changes: 1°c, (1.8°F). Preference value = 100.
  • With this configuration any change >= 1°c (1.8°F) will be reported immediatelyand any change less than 1°c will be reported every hour.

  • Maximum periodic reporting interval of contact sensor status: 3600 sec. The current default value is 300 sec.

  • With this configuration, the messages sent by the 30 devices to the hub are greatly reduced, reducing the zigbee mesh traffic and workload of the Hub and the battery consumption of the 30 sensors.

This is a screenshot of my setup and it works perfectly.

One day temperatura grsphic:

Last month battery level:

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