About test mode

Hello, it’s a quite specific request, but when you go into SmartThings and navigate to the settings, then scroll all the way down to ‘About SmartThings,’ click on it ten times, and then click on the ‘Enable test mode’ checkbox, is there a code for that, please?

Hi @Omar1 Welcome to SmartThings Community

What do you mean by code?, After clicking multiple times on ‘About SmartThings,’ the next section will be displayed.

maybe you are referring to these options

click on" About smatthing"

It’s not clear to me what you mean by the last comment. Were you able to complete the tasks you wanted, or could you provide more information about your objectives?

If you click on ‘About SmartThings’ you get a page with a bold ‘SmartThings’ title. Clicking on that ten times opens the ‘SMARTTHINGS TEST MODE’ page. Support have been known to ask users to open that page in order to use the ‘Report a problem’ option, which makes you wonder why they went to such lengths to hide it.

The OP seems to be curious about the ‘Enable Test Mode’ option that requires a password.


yes, that’s it