How to start developer mode in SmartThings Classic app (Android)

I found the instructions for entering Developer Mode on the SmartApp, but the instructions are woefully old so none of it applies anymore. Can someone tell me how to get into Developer Mode on both the Classic and New SmartThings app? I am using an Android if that helps. Thanks!

There is no developer mode in the classic app. only the new app.

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Thank you - that explains it. So the documentation is old, it is actually new - for the new app. One follow-up question - has anyone found any issues with the way the new app representas all of you devices, rooms, etc.? It seems to have moved a lot of my devices to the wrong rooms. Also, I am just starting to look around, but are all of my “routines” still available? I have automated my routines rather than using the SmartApps. Thanks for your help!

my rooms match between Classic and new apps. Routines don’t exist in the new app. They are replaced by scenes and the custom automation creator.