A z-wave switch sends a message when opened or closed?

Assume a z-wave switch as fibaro single switch.. As usual, this switch allows open/close actions from remote (z-wave protocol) and also from a local physical switch wired to the device.

My question is: if I open or close the circuit using the local physical switch, a notification message is sent to the hub ?

Thanks a lot.

I have a couple of fibaro relays and find that, yes, lf you physically switch them then it reports back to Smartthings ok.
But… it is not always instant… it sometimes takes a second or two.


By default it will send ON and OFF message to the hub (relay state, not switch state) and if you configure it correctly (parameters 28 and 29) it can send additional scene notifications to the hub for 1, 2, 3 presses and hold/release for both switches.

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Ok, understood.

Thanks a lot to both for your help.