Z Wave Switch - get status (Fibaro Switch)

I have a Z Wave switch (Fibaro FGS212 - http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/en/FGS-212/FGS-212-EN-A-v1.01.pdf) which I use but often it does not respond to the swtich request. I think this is because of the range and so it doesn’t always get the request to switch on or off or sometimes takes a long time to update.

I was wondering if anyone knew (if its possible) to poll the switch when required and get its status and return an error if it can’t get it. Ideally to just have a button which will then a log entry into the Recently tab on the icon saying Swith Status ‘on’ or ‘off’ but read directly from the switch.

I am using the standard Z Wave Multi Device controller.

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I’ve spent days trying to figure out what is wrong with my WebCore piston and why it was not turning my heater on (controlled by this relay), until I realised that WebCore is only turning the relay on about 1 out of 5 tries. If I turn it on/off manually, it works perfectly every time though.

It was a range issue. Once I had another switch in between the two it started working.

Thanks. I swapped the DH, which solved my issue.