500 Internal Server Error: IDE Devices Unavailable

I just started getting the 500 Internal Sever Error on the IDE and my devices are not showing up along with the “Something’s Wrong” on the classic app under “My Home”. Earlier I added an ESP8266 via ST Anything so I could integrate my alarm system into Smartthings. When added, I got a duplicate on the child device “Alarm” part so I deleted the Device but the alarm child device stayed. I tried deleting it again using both the app and the IDE and it finally disappeared. When it did, is when I started getting the 500 error and my device lists are not populating. I did some searching around on this site and found a few similar problems but I don’t know if its corruption on ST end or what. Any ideas what could have caused this and possibly a fix for it?

Edit: This is the message I get on the IDE:

500: Internal Server Error


Reference Id 3398d0d4-3681-419a-a26d-0b9dd4ad2b38

Date Fri Aug 09 00:48:13 UTC 2019

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