Error 500: Internal Server Error/ can't add device handlers

I am trying to add a new devices handler on the IDE, but it always pops up the error msg. Could anyone help?

Error: 500: Internal Server Error
URI: /ide/device/saveFromMesh/mesh-form
Reference Id: 2e1b5b24-1f52-4706-ab63-cba1c85fb017
Date: Thu Jun 20 08:57:25 UTC 2019

Try logging in to IDE at using an incognito/private tab in your browser.

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Is the DTH you are trying to add a custom DTH?

Yes David,

I fixed the issue, just delete that Handler and then I create some standard ZigBee lighting device Handlers.

Old thread but your comment saved me from endless frustration. After emailing ST support that I could not edit devices (change DTH then save) and being told how to select the correct location… duh! I was desperate to fix it on my own. Your comment pointed me to a DTH I had just modified and apparently broke even though it did not complain when I saved it. Once I swapped out the source code with a known good DTH, all was back to normal.

So… thank you for sharing how you fixed the issue !

I was getting this error when I was creating a new device very similar to an existing one. This is probably obvious to everyone except me - but don’t use the same Device Network ID for two devices. When I made the new ID unique it saved fine.