500 Internal Server Error? My Device List is Trashed

My device list is trashed - give a internal server error of 500.

How to fix ?

Not sure I can help, but just wondering;

Are you referring to this page?: http://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices

Mine is working. Note that SmartThings pushed a Platform Update release on Thursday / Friday which certainly could have had some unintentional side effects. Just speculating, but possibly something in the definition of one or two of your devices has triggered an edge condition. If you have any unusual or lab Device Types, you could experimentally remove them, if you feel like trying things.

Definitely worth an email to Support@SmartThings.com unless it is temporary.

Same here. My device list is also trashed with internal server error 500.


I cant remove or add any devices and when refreshing Things screen within the app I get an unexpected error.


When I click on devices I get the error above in the IDE.

When in the mobile app I click on things and get this.
All tiles are blank it says I have 54 connected and I have 24.


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Mine is working fine

This looks like the same or similar problem. There is a Support ticket number in this Topic below… Maybe Support@SmartThings.com can cross reference.

I had the exact problem a few days ago. I didn’t get a solution from Support. I went into the IDE page and deleted all devices, smartapps, and device types. Now it’s back to normal. I only have about 13 things so it’s not a big deal, but you have over 50. That would be a pain to delete everything.

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It’s quite possibly only one or two “special” (bugged) Devices that cause the screen to hang. If only there were diagnostics. You could delete one at a time… And tell us if you found one causing the problem. But dunno, maybe entire table is messed up.

It won’t let me delete anything !

Yuck. The support engineers at ST can clean up the database. I hope they find root cause so we all don’t get this :confused:

Said it would be Monday before they could look at it

Is it urgent? If so, then You can call out (@ tag) @April, @Ben and @Mager. They check msgs at many times and might know if any engineers are working today that have some spare time or already have seen this.

@tgauchat , thanks, a ticket had been made yesterday already 14 hours ago. we’re investigating it already.

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Just drives me crazy - interesting that I can use ACTion4 to control devices.

I used to get called in on weekends/nights to deal with Oracle databases. I’ll wait !!!

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Still have the same problem - Same error ,essages


Oh no , I’ll follow up with support tomorrow morning, and see what’s going on.

Any progress on this ?

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Just received this 15 minutes ago, didn’t see it until just now. I’ll see how long this takes.

Karl (SmartThings)
Mar 2, 5:11 PM

Hi Bob,

We are very sorry for the delay in this. We have had a few compounding issues today in getting your request processed. However, it should be completed momentarily. I will let you know as soon as it has been completed.

We appreciate your patience.

SmartThings Support

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Well in my book momentarily means within minutes and it’s been hours.

Can you just delete me out of the database and send me a “new key” and I will reinstall everything.

We are now at almost three days !

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This happened to me yesterday as well. I made some changes to my router and ended changing the ip address of my hue hub, and that was the culprit that started the bug for me. The issue cropped up after I tried to remove the failed hue connect app. The hue connect app does not like for you to try and change its ip address apparently. I was eventually able to get my device list back by going to the location list and digging into the devices that way. I had to remove the hue connect app and all associated devices for my devices list to work properly again.

Hope that helps.

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