4th of July Sales 2024

Home Depot has posted some early deals. So far it mostly looks like big stuff: appliances, a bunch of smart toilets, a few ceiling fans. Plus, some Yale locks and Leviton Wi-Fi switch. I’m guessing they’ll add more stuff as we get closer to the holiday. Oh, and there’s at least one smart grill, although I didn’t look to see what it’s compatible with.

Remember that Home Depot‘s own Smart brand, “hubspace“, is not compatible with SmartThings at the time of this posting. For everything else you’ll have to research individual models.

Selection may vary by location.

The smart toilets are mostly sensor activated to automatically open the lid/seat, close the lid/seat, and flush, although features vary. Typically not voice activated or integrated with automation platforms, but they can still be helpful in some homes, as well as being considered a bit more hygienic since they’re hands free. Prices have come down a lot since these were first introduced, and there are now a fair number of high rated ones under $2000 each. Obviously not inexpensive, but less than half the price of the original models in this device class.

(BTW, Industry research indicates that most people don’t want voice controlled toilets, although many are interested in hands-free operation. But sensors seem to be the Preferred control method.)

Home Depot has now added a “Smart bathroom” section to their website, which is also interesting.


Even a simple contact sensor on the toilet lid can save a marriage.


SwitchBot has pretty much everything on sale for 20-25% off, and a few clearance items on sale for 50% off.

Integration with SmartThings requires either the SwitchBot Hub 2 or the SwitchBot Hub Mini.

If you have a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, you can get a local integration via Matter.

If not, you can use their cloud to cloud integration.

We have a bunch of SwitchBot devices at our house and like all of them. :sunglasses:

Manufacturer site:

Also available at Amazon, but sometimes the sales and bundles are a little different, and it doesn’t look like they’ve started the 4th of July sale there yet. :thinking:


Samsung 4th of July Sale

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Amazon has a 4th of July Deals banner, although it looks mostly like the same stuff that is under the prime day early deals tab plus some random summer items. The good news is you don’t need to be a prime member for most of the 4th of July deals: