July 4th 2019 Deals ( most sales run through July 7)

Just a catchall for individual sales this weekend. Most will run through July 7.

You may want to wait for prime day before making big purchases, but I thought we Ought to at least have a round up on the sales for this weekend. :wink:

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  1. The smartest house July 4 sale. Includes a nice discount on the Dome water valve as well as a smaller discount on a number of other items. They’ve already said they don’t expect their prices to be lower on prime day. @jkp already started a thread on that one. :sunglasses:
  1. Zwave Products .com

I think this is the regular monthly sale. Excellent prices on Z wave smart bulbs and the GoControl smart switch cover. @kevin already started a thread on that one:

  1. iDevices has 20% off site wide. These don’t have an official SmartThings integration, but they do have a good IFTTT channel, and one of the only in wall outlets where each socket Can be individually controlled. That works pretty well with an IFTTT integration.

Discussion thread:

iDevices adds IFTTT!

  1. Best Buy has a bunch of items on sale in their smart home and security department. Nothing super exciting, but a lot of 15 to 25% off on Arlo, google, etc. $5 discounts on TP Link Kasa WiFi items, which finally, as of last month, have an official SmartThings integration. Also a good discount on the Wemo mini, probably to bring them in line pricewise with the TP Link models.



  1. Walmart

Looks like they’re holding off on big sales until prime day, when they are planning a huge event. They do have some Google devices on sale, a bunch of smart televisions, and, interestingly, some Apple products including iPads and Apple Watch. I guess they were looking for things that weren’t likely to be on sale at Amazon on prime day. :wink:


  1. Hubitat has their hubs on sale for $10-$20 off this weekend.
  1. Home Depot

Has a bunch of Google devices on sale, as well as some Schlage and Yale smart locks. Note that the geeni Wi-Fi brand which they carry is not compatible with SmartThings. If you’re looking for that type of WiFi device in that price range but wont smartthings compatibility , check out TP Link Kasa instead.


ActionTiles is 17.76% off (with Coupon Code: JF19ST-17p) through Thursday July 11th.

By sure to try before you buy! Dive in at ActionTiles.com.