3G sim card support

Is there plans to support connecting ST hubs to the internet via cellular signal?

Either through direct insert of the cellular sim card or through an gsm usb stick.

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Not at this time, nor is 3g sim cards slot for the v2 launch.

if you want to have 3g internet, you could cut out the middle man and use a verizon one. they have two different at-home routers with built-in 3g/4g


Cradlepoint made a bunch of 3G routers, maybe they still do.

That way any Wifi/LAN device can use the backup internet.

Absolutely, Cradlepoint makes quite a few consumer options with 3G/4G failover and there are a few other mfgs (mainly UK mfgs). Something to take a look at @Clark_Li

Another option, if Cradlepoint solutions are outside of your price point, is to look for routers (such as TP-LINK) that support failover capability. ASUS routers and some others also support this but many report issues when WAN connection is restored the router does not return to using the WAN link and remains using the 3G USB modem, until either the USB modem is unplugged or the router is rebooted (not ideal if you suffer frequent outages).

thanks for everyone’s reply.

i’m mainly looking for a zwave gateway solution that can do 3G but without using another router.

at this point, I’m leaning toward using RaZberry module with a 3G usb stick.