Backup Connectivity

Hi, Does any know if there is a way to have a dual connection method, so if the hub loses internet connection , you can still connect to it.

At present it seems the devices are growing but connectivity is a single point of failure that would mean you cannot control or monitor any device if its lost.

My British Gas system as a 3G backup



The Hub itself does not support 3g/4g at this time, but many of us use routers that support a second internet connection. My Asus router actually lets me use my cell phone as a hotspot to provide internet to the router, or I can plug in a 3g/4g compatible USB modem. I would evaluate those options.

As a sample, my router is an: ASUS AC68U

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Hi Darryl

Thanks for the reply… Just as I clicked post on that one I thought the same, just trying to find a suitable pairing of devices now as I use a TP Link cable wifi router so I have asked them re one of their 3g/4g routers which I think will work.



Typically, you would use your cable modem as a “pass through” device (which the ISP can assist with), and let your new router handle the wifi/routing functionality. The router would get a DHCP IP from the ISP, and function appropriately. Typically, a cable provider wont list a specific type or suggest a device itself.