Hub Internet Connectivity

Sorry if I have missed this somewhere, if so please send link.
The hub has a network cable for the ability to connect to a router for internet capabilites so it can connect to the SmartThings cloud system to make everything work.
What are the other ways the hub can be connected to the web, aside from this. For example if the router cuts out for examlpe. Is there a build in 3G modem of sort?
Really trying to figure out ways the hub stays connected to the web?

Cellular is not built in. I’ve seen statements that it’s a goal to provide it later as an additional service requiring a cellular-capable hub.

I remember reading something about limited features working if the internet connection goes out but I might’ve misread a statement.

Cellular was kind of a last minute addition. It just didn’t end up being as smooth as everything else we had on the board. We have some prototypes, and we continue to use them, but we didn’t want to add it when it wasn’t ready. We have been testing some routers like the CradelPoint that have backup 3G/4G internet connections. There are some thoughts that if it ends up we dont offer built in cellular, than to just support like crazy 3rd party ones.

Up in the air right now though. I can say that cellular is for sure not on our boards right now and won’t be by launch.


If you’re not too price sensitive and the app is mission critical, a Peplink Pepwave box would do what you want.

I know its a KS project and not quite ready but in terms of feature set flexibility and functionality, I still think the BRCK is the best option out there. Sound be readily available shortly.

Totally agree about the Brick’s potential, Dave. But for now, it’s a bit of “free beer tomorrow”. For $150 on KS you can secure a first release BRCK unit.

I use a Peplink Balance 30 to load balance my cable modem and a backup ($15/monht) DSL line. A USB 4G modem is my second backup, but I generally have that with me, but in a pinch, I just would need to plug that in to give my home Internet even when both Cable and DSL are down.

They also make a Balance 20 with only two connections.

Well worth the peace of mind, now that Internet is as important to me as electricity.

I use an Asus router which has a USB port for my 4G aircard. If interne goes out it fails over.

We’ve been using CradlePoint routers with 4G LTE cards for many of our demo setups with great success. We’ve used both the MBR900 and MBR1200b. I know the BRCK guys pretty well from a previous job and have also backed their project on Kickstarter, I’m looking forward to getting my unit to test with.

Ingo - Does your cable and DSL go down that often? I don’t think I haven’t had a single outage in 3 1/2 years.

Also - I am considering moving one of my hubs to a rural cabin. There is 4G access out there, but nothing else - well Satellite I guess.

Any one know what the best deal is on 3 or 4G data only for a device like this?

Dan have you guys done any testing or observation on how much data is used by the hub in a typical day, in different use patterns? Curious if not unlimited data if a smaller plan is practical.

@jason3f My DSL went down so often I had to do something - every time it rained, it slowed to a crawl. Old lines in my area, I guess. Once cable was finally offered, I tried to cancel the DSL, but of course Verizon sold me on a bundle plan where it’s as close to free as you can get. I just looked at my bills again, I’m actually paying about $5/month for it, not $15. And the Peplink load balances traffic over the two connections and allows me to decide what type of traffic goes where, so I get good use and peace of mind out of it.

Ingo - I see. That makes sense. I happen to be in an area with FIOS and the reliability has been very good over the past 5 years.

Another common reason for this setup = power outage. Your broadband will go down, but with a 3G/4G connection + cheap backup power supply (or a BRCK), you keep on talking.