Hub on the go--internet solutions for sailboat, trailer, etc?

I am in search of a solution other than 4G with Verizon and Cradlepoint CDMA routers with GPS to manage a few more Smartthings (ST) hubs for solutions to drive automation to our sailboat, trailer and vacation home.

Does anyone have ideas to share?

Can you be more specific? What don’t you like about using Cradlepoint Router with Verizon 4G?

Are you looking for a similar hub but different brand (non-Cradlepoint), Or are you looking for a GSM (non-Verizon)solution? Or are you looking for a non-4G cellular solution all together?

Here is a Non-Cradlepoint, non Verizon solution.

If you don’t want to rely on Cellular but still want internet, I think your only other option is WiFi as WAN, using something like Ubiquiti directional antenna’s on both boat and shore if needed.

I’m not sure if there is a satellite internet that doesn’t require a phone uplink, so I don’t think satellite would work?
Edit: maybe HughsNet?

Or skip the internet altogether and just use Out of the Box SmartThings devices and Apps that can run local.

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There is nothing wrong with the cradlepoint solution, except the sticker price of the cdma router. to be more specific I’d be very interested in finding a router under 150. We have a lot of places to get automated and at $600 per cradlepoint it becomes cost prohibitive

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