Verizon Netgear AC791L Aircard 4G

Looking for a wifi to ethernet adapter that will work with the smartthings hub. Was told I wasn’t the only one and a change/option could be coming soon. I have to do something now. Any ideas?

Well that doesn’t make a lot of sense… And doesn’t correspond with the title.

I’m guessing you’re looking for an Ethernet to cellular solution, so you can plug the hub into it and it will provide you connectivity?

There are solutions out there but mostly meant for industrial applications, which means they’re expensive.

Are you looking for a backup connectivity solution or something you can use as the primary because you just don’t have Ethernet where the hub is located?

I have a wifi hot spot for internet with no Ethernet port for the Smarttings Hub. Called there customer support and they said at this point it will not work with wifi to connect to the internet.

I asked about using a Ethernet to wifi adapter like a Netgear - Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender with Ethernet port (WN3000RP) or something similar. they didn’t know if it would work.

Interesting… I have a Linksys network extender that has an Ethernet port, and should in theory be able to connect to a hotspot.

I guess you can set up the extender to connect to the hotspot, and connect the hub to the Ethernet port in the extender to give it internet access.

I’ll give it a shot today at some point. I have to reset the Linksys extender that I have and have it connect to my hotspot instead (I was using it a while back to connect a network printer without WiFi to my network).

I purchased an Asus router for another project, specifically to USB tether off a 3G tablet.
There is an option in the router to allow the USB tether to back up the primary Ethernet wan port…
I can’t think of any reason that an implementation such as this wouldn’t work for the ST hub…
I’m sure there are folks that have already implemented this or something similar…


I use Verizon usb on my Asus rt-ac5300, its set up so if dual wan connection is lost it picks up (I have unlimited data, if you dont you may want to set differently). With the Asus firmware, especially merlin, you can set so only st hub has access to 3g/4g modem (which i would go with over straight 4g as it has antennas for both but the 4g is 4g only so if poor signal or something you can fall back on 3g).

The only 2 that are still easy to find and 3g/4g usb:
Verizon Wireless USB760 Modem
PCD UMW190 USB Modem

4g only:
MiFi USB620L

I installed a wifi extender with a Ethernet connection and my ST hub is working. I have added many devices with no issues until I purchased a Netgear Arlo camera. You need to there hub which also needs an Ethernet port. Unfortunately my extender only has one.

Some info here regarding routers with built in Cellular/4G &or “WiFi as WAN” backup/failover …

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I just picked this up and am using it with my AC791L. Set the Jetpack to USB Tether mode. No other steps needed.

Plugable USB 2.0 OTG Micro-B to 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter for Windows Tablets & Raspberry Pi Zero (ASIX AX88772A chipset)

Hey Chris I am also running Merlin with dual WAN setup on my asus router, how did you set it up so only the ST hub has access to the 3g/4g WAN? Ive tried to do this with static routes but never got it to work…

Didn’t know that would work, thanks.
I needed two ports so I added a wifi range extender. Works great.

I will take screen shots and give you full walk through as soon as i get home sunday or Monday …if you dont have by then.

Thanks that would be greatly appreciated! My wife accidentally blew through all our cellular backup data today when the cable internet went out.

Before I get ahead of myself I should ask what device you are using as 3g/4g backup? Also firmware version are you using?

The simplest way, but most vulnerable, is to allow hub to pass through and restrict access on USB via mac

I’m using an android device via USB as a backup WAN. Merlin 380.65_2.

Thanks in advance!