3D Printed Fire Tablet wall mount

I’m still in for getting one. I already have a “hacked up” way of mounting mine, this just looks nicer. Since I already have mine up, I’m ok with delays.

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If Im not mistaken, the Fire tablet is 360 degree rotational, so “up” can be any direction, so does it really matter?

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Perhaps not then .However…

  1. Is the camera at EXACTLY center, and would it line up EXACTLY with the camera hole in the mount whether the unit is placed one way or the other in the mount?

  2. what about the touch buttons on the face?
    In my experience so far, I have to click the BACK, RECENT APPS, and HOME ‘buttons’ from time to time.
    So, will I have to remove the tab from the mount to do that, or do they move around the screen with repositioning/rotating?

NOTE: I still haven’t even opened the package to take out my Fire. So, I’m an idiot, asking questions about something I have a severe lack of understanding about lol

I’m interested in getting 2 please. I"m good with it as designed.


Cool. That’s two new ones to add to the list.

Perhaps, if we just keep bumping the thread, we’ll get even more takers? lol :slight_smile:

EDIT: I sort of assumed it had already been done, but just in case, I just posted a link to this thread in a few other relevant threads. :slight_smile:

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They rotate with the device, every orientation.

It does appear to be exactly center. The device would only go in one way due to the accessibility of the buttons and the routing groove for the power cable. If you choose to have the opening at the bottom, the mount would have to be mounted that way, but the device gets inserted into the mount ONLY one way. the mount orientation is the only thing that would change, not the inserted orientation of the device.

Added @roofone x2 to OP

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Looking good, so $25 still the price for each?

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I think we need to be clear that the design should cater for function over aesthetics; so whilst bevelled edges are nice, accessibility to buttons, camera, etc, and structural strength and maybe mount options (though with four holes you can mount as you wish) are more important.

Even something functional like being able to remove the device relatively easily without having the mount, well, unmount, is something we should perhaps be more focused on.

For instance, the 90 degree cable installation (and removal) hasn’t been tested yet and so there may be design alterations there. We don’t want to put the guy off, despite what he says about us being happy.

Just my thoughts…

Yes. Price still stands, plus actual shipping.

This is my major design requirement. I’ve made it clear it will need to be removable without removing the mount from the wall.

From the looks of its current design, unplug the cable, slide tablet out. Done. Want to reinstall it…slide it in and then plug the cable back in.

All while keeping the camera and buttons accessible.


I’m digging the design and still in!


Since @Squares expressed interest elsewhere, I’m tagging them here to invite them to this discussion. :slight_smile:

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Count me in for x2!
Ninja edit: Have we already decided the color? is choosing a color an option?

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Black or white, most likely. If you want another color, it may cost more… Not sure though.

What color are you interested in?

I’ll add you to the list for 2

I’m still good for one unit - I would take black for my first choice.
Thanks for keeping this project going!


@Turb02 Please consider me with one white…



If its not to late can you please put me down for 2. This looks great, Black or White would be good to me.

Just giving one an update:

Latest version should be finalized, just waiting for pics, then Ill post them up for all to see.

We stand at 19 mounts and only one is black.

The printer has identified that he can print 3 per day, FYSA.

Okay…with that, maybe I should change my order to white! If not too late, could you do that?
(I was on the fence anyway)

I have not told the printer how many of what color at this time. so, sure. If you want to change yours to white, we can…