Samsung galaxy view wall mount


What mount are you using?

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Super easy to set up

Looks great! :sunglasses: How are you powering it?

Just using the power cord it came with, popped a hole beside the mount, ran it down the wall and to the electrical outlet below the tablet.

I previously had a fire tablet mounted to a magnetic wall plate, so the holes are already there, just have to tweak it a bit for the larger power cord

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Looks good!

Are you running the stock Lollipop or did you update?

It’s running stock lollipop, is it possible to update it with custom firmware? It looked like there was nothing available for the att version.

There isn’t anything official but there are unofficial options such as LineageOS. Of course this risks bricking your tablet and voids warranty.

How responsive is that tablet with ActionTiles? I’ve been using a Fire Tablet, but it’s pretty slow.

So far pretty smooth. Working on dakboard as the screensaver as well.

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Which model of Fire?

  • The HD7 is rather under powered, but perfect for small focused Panels, such as a bedroom.
  • I find my HD8 is fine as my master control Panel.
  • We still recommend doing your major “building / editing” tasks on a PC/Mac. I think it’s easier with a mouse anyway. And you can temporarily place your tablet next to you to instantly see the results of adding or arranging Tiles.
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It’s the HD7. I have a lot of devices and 7 panels. I do use my PC for editing and that all works good. I didn’t mean to implicate that ActionTiles is the issue, I’m pretty sure it’s an underpowered tablet.

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