Wall mounted interface? 10in vs 8in?

Hello all,

I am contemplating creating an array of tablet wall mounts in the near future and would like the community’s input on where best to start.

I think it’s safe to assume that fire tablets are popular due to low cost which also run AT just fine. Which of the Fire tablets are you folks picking up next for your wall control interface?

Is the (new) 10-inch tablet looking like a popular choice?

How many of you feel the 10-inch is too big for a wall interface and will step down to an 8-inch?

Looking forward to your responses.

There’s a project thread that includes dashboard hardware and mounting topics that you might find interesting. Lots of pictures there, which can give you a good idea what different size options look like. :blush:


At our house we use an old iPad mini which is an 8” tablet. It works well for us, particularly since we also use Ibeacons which don’t work as well with android tablets.

@tgauchat (ActionTiles) and @joshua_lyon (SharpTools) might also have some suggestions. :sunglasses:


I had my eye on the new 10 inch Firetablet as well, however I have slowed my roll a little bit until I find a good option for a low profile USB C right angle ribbon cable option I think. Just a heads up that the connector is different now.


FYI, I have had 8" 1280 * 1024 tablets for a few years now and I find them to small and overcrowded (scrolling) even though I don’t fill them with video, weather and other such large blocks.
I’m going to 10" HD tablets next.


Bigger can be better :joy:

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