3D Printed Fire Tablet wall mount

So a change from 2 piece design back to a one piece. I personally like this design rather well.

Email from POC at 0844 this morning:
My 2 piece design wasn’t really working out the way I wanted it to in my small scale testing. So I’ve gone back to the original single piece design.

I’m printing this now it should be done in about 5 hours, I’ll test fitment and provide pics then I’ll move on to finishing the edges, carving out space for cables, an access hole for wiring from the gang box and holes for mounting hardware.

Fair warning the prototypes are all being printed in pink lol no one seems to want anything in pink so I use it for testing


Just a caveat, due to the power and volume buttons location, we will most likely need to purchase a “9o degree” charging cable (for those who arent willing to go wireless power), then route the cable behind the device instead of down the side. Itll have holes for mounting screws and a hole for the charging cable to run thru the back into a recessed gang box.

I wanted all buttons accessible to ensure the widest use cases.

Once I get the pics with the device installed, you bet Ill post them up.

I personally cannot wait for these to be completed and shipped.


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I’m going to use a cable for the time being, then move to wireless at some point once I’ve done a bit of research. So having a 90 degree cable is no drama. They’re a ‘dime a dozen’ to quote you guys over the pond. :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see it. I may be in for 3, depending on final cost and quality.

Being able to use (and hide) a cable is one reason I’m interested in this option. Am using wireless power now and it has drawbacks: have to jury rig a power set up inside a gang box and the wireless power connection tends to be a bit flaky.

What would be absolutely ideal is if it was attached to the wall via the gang box. Similar to this: http://www.amazon.com/Pinpoint-Mounts-AM20-White-Electrical-Installation/dp/B001E46A7I/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

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Heres the prototype print:

His comments about the device:
The next step will be to carve out the charging cable path, followed by an access hole for the gang box and added air flow. I’m going to go to Microcenter today or tomorrow and see if I can pickup a 90* up angle cable for measurements. Still planning on having the first full detail revision of the frame printed tomorrow. It may require some tweaks still but should be 95% or better what the final product will be.
I’m really happy with the fit of the tablet. As you can see from the side shot I need to thicken that top corner quite a bit.

I went to microcenter and no luck getting a cable so I’m going to order one here in just a bit. I will be finalizing design and printing again tomorrow. Then I’ll just need to make sure the cable fits when it comes in, make any necessary tweaks and start a production quality print for everyone’s review.

I’ll be making that opening more user friendly in the next revision. It will need to be deep though in order to fully enclose the charging cable.


Do you the estimated dimensions yet?

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A little bit longer than the tablet X a little bit taller than the tablet X by a little bit thicker than the tablet.


At this point, no, not until the final mount is created. If its a show stopper for you before you decide to jump in on the group buy, I can get a tight estimate…

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Here is what the expected product will look like:

The hole in the front is for the camera. Its large like that for FOV.


Yea we have a tight space at the entry so the dimensions would be important. Just post the final specs before you take final orders and I will keep an eye on this thread.

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Ive asked. Will post when I get it.


212mm wide x 119.5mm tall x 22.15mm deep

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Note: I know I’m referring to the POC in some of this…

[quote=“Turb02, post:41, topic:42003, full:true”]
…then I’ll move on to finishing the edges…[/quote]

This may have already been addressed, but…

Can it be made with beveled edges?
It would ease access to the screen when bringing hand in quickly from the side or from above or below (i.e. you’d have a ‘slope/ramp’ to get right in there. It could also potentially prevent cuts and scrapes to hands.

[quote=“Turb02, post:41, topic:42003, full:true”]
…carving out space for cables, an access hole for wiring from the gang box and holes for mounting hardware…[/quote]

For the opening on the back, I’d prefer that it would simply be that the entire back would be open (obviously, other than what is actually necessary for a rigid-enough structure and wall-mounting; i.e. the mounting holes could be on ‘strips/bars’ of material that go horizontally, vertically or even diagonally right where the holes are needed).

This could save money on printing supplies, and it also (I think more importantly) maximizes potential use case compatibility (not that I have any use cases in mind yet, but just knowing that openness and accessibility have been maximized could be comforting and disarming when buying them).

[quote=“Turb02, post:41, topic:42003, full:true”]
Fair warning the prototypes are all being printed in pink lol no one seems to want anything in pink so I use it for testing[/quote]

Actually, I LOVE PINK (though, the color is irrelevant to me for the purpose of this comment), and would be more than happy to pay the shipping cost for you to send the worthless pink (or any color) units my way! :slight_smile: Seriously. So, if they’re actually going to be trash on your end, and the material isn’t somehow recyclable, please let me know.

From the perfectionist/OCD department (i.e. I don’t really expect agreement on this one at all, but just throwing it out there)…

hole on top?
As a lifetime, card-carrying member of the officially-sanctioned OCD Club, I’m seeing dust get in there; making it complicated to ‘dust’ the thing off during normal dusting operations around the house. Any chance we could have a different way of getting the tablet into and out of the mount? Perhaps have same hole/slot on the bottom instead of the top, and then some kind of long, thin plank that would be slid across from one side to another in a groove in order to provide a ‘bottom floor’ so it doesn’t fall out?

p.s. A related question that just came to mind…is it possible to 3D-print with some kind of material that results in a super-flexible device (like those silicone phone cases)? If so, perhaps we could find a ‘happy-medium’ (no pun intended that time lol ) where it would be just rigid enough for structural integrity and mounting, and also flexible enough to not even need any holes or slots to get the tablet in and out; simply ‘wrap’ it around the tablet like it’s a phone/tablet case. I sort of assume that’s not possible (yet) though. So, not really hoping; only dreaming.

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Ill try and answer what I can…

The price will not change from the initial quoted price, so the quest for less material to lower price will not be done.

As for the beveled edge; Ill ask. but cant promise anything.

The slot in the top to insert the device probably wont move to the bottom, as that would then rely on a secondary piece and possibly even bulking the whole unit up to ensure its sturdy enough. A keyed raceway would need to be created where another skinny section would be used to slide in from one side, essentially making the whole unit larger.

For the “silicone” type jacket…yeah, um…probably not this go round.

Please keep in mind this effort was to be a minimalist design/low cost way of getting these tablets looking good mounted to the wall. Lets see what the final product looks like and maybe we can get a V2 in the future? Thats not to say that you cant modify yours when you get it (cutting out material from the backside, rotating the device upside down and figuring out a way to keep the tablet in the frame.


Oh, don’t worry…my questions are not meant to diminish the coolness of this current design. It’s just how my brain works; when I see something that I want/need, I automatically start assessing it, and wondering about how it could be better.

I’m totally on-board with the minimalist concept for this round, and don’t have ANY expectations other than it be something that looks fairly OK and actually works. After that, yes, my wonderings are definitely intended for ‘the future’, and not meant to side-track the progress on this current unit version. :slight_smile:


I have asked the questions regarding beveling the edge to remove the sharp points, as that would be really nice, and the relocation of the device opening to the bottom.


Email from creator:

In that latest video I sent of the final draft the edges are all softened, except for the screen surround where I used chamfer instead of fillet for a smoother transition from the case to the screen. I actually started printing it and it made it about 90% and failed… So I’m cleaning out the jamb now and will restart printing today. As the design exists right now if you simply mount it upside down the device would slide in from the bottom. I can look into adding some sort of pin that would stop it from being able to fall out of the bottom.

To me the ideal solution may be to slide it in from the side but that would mean a complete overhaul of the design.

I’m happy to do it as long as you don’t mind me holding on to your device to confirm final fit of the design. I estimate 7-10 days to restart the process to a final revision ready to start printing and fulfilling orders. Its no problem to do it, I would rather re-work it multiple times to get a final product that everyone is happy with and would buy again rather than sticking with this design and half the buyers feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth out of the transaction.

I would even be ok offering both designs if there are those that prefer the top load over the side load…

Just let me know and I’ll start working on a new design.

That said, I have no issues with him having that tablet for an extended period of time to ensure things are the way everyone wants them.

My concerns with a side entry is for the people with limited mounting space. Most people will have room to slide in from top (or bottom) but not necessarily from one side or the other. I did consider the side entry, but chose to request a top entry for these reasons. And, if someone were to mount it vertically, it would slide out. Which has me thinking…Even if a top entry mount was mounted vertically, there is a possibility of it falling out, so some sort of pin system (as the creator suggested) would be useful, no matter what the orientation will be!

You appear to be the only person with active feedback/requests but as a customer, I want to ensure everyone is happy. Please advise soonest.

Edit #2
Beveled edges to soften it…sufficient?


Thanks. This is a really good sounding connection that you have.

To be clear though, I don’t want my ‘feature requests’ to be binding for anyone else. I’m just making suggestions (as per - I think - the original intent of the thread), but without any expectations. i.e. I was already ‘IN’ for one after the OP. :slight_smile:

That said, whatever feature enhancements everyone is willing to be IN on, as long as they aren’t detrimental to anyone, and as long as they add something significantly positive to the design, I’m all for them.

As for the delay, I’m in no hurry…just tickled to know that somebody is actually, actively working on something like this.

So, original version or any number of versions after feature requests is really OK with me. I’m in either way. Don’t delay if it’s just for me (unless everyone else also wants what I want, and is OK with waiting).

RE: latest pic in above post looks nice.
Again, no expectations that my feature requests will actually be implemented in this revision/edition, although, your point about the slide-in slots is a good one. If we really do want this to be for either vertical or horizontal mounting, I think it’s actually necessary to have some sort of pin/lock/slider to keep it in there. So, if that’s going to be implemented anyway, then I say put the top slot on the bottom. The only problem then is to decide on whether to have the side-slot be on the left or the right side. I think it would sort of depend on mounting placement. Some situations seem like they’d need it on one side, and some, the other.

Ive never met the guy! Its a car guy thing.

And thats what Im concerned with. If people are legit interested, I want to make sure they get theirs in a timely manner, but are fine with the design as it sits. Otherwise, I need feedback (hence all the posting and pics)

That said, your ideas are great and have already shaped the design. Beveled edges, some sort of locking mechanism for alternate orientation. (Ive asked for a pin to hold it in place, regardless of mounting direction).

This is a prototype and a first of its kind, so I want input from the community that will be using it. If youre the only one, and myself and the creator see these requests as good ones, we’ll make it happen. If no one says anything, we cant get a good design idea other than what was in my head at inception of this idea.

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The slot can stay where it is, if theres going to be a locking mechanism…just flip it over and voila! Slot is on the bottom!


This is great!

To be fair to the others on the ‘IN’ list, since we already have 12 (two more than the original trigger amount), perhaps it’s time to just make a run of them as it stands and see how it goes.

That said, if everyone is liking the modification process, and is OK with more delay to accomodate them, and/or others still to be suggested, then it’s fine with me.

I think we need to hear from EVERYONE on the list to make sure we know where we’re at.


@turb02 x2
@sonicxtacy02 x2
@Matt_Allen x2 (shipping to UK)

What do you guys think?

I considered that, but thought, if that camera hole is not, um…movable…then we should actually decide on one or the other (top or bottom) for the slot. That is, assuming that everyone uses devices like I do…if there’s an ‘UP’ in the design of the device itself (the tablet), then I want that to be ‘UP’.

Again, if we’re going to have a ‘pin’ locking mechanism anyway, then just put the slot for sliding it in on the bottom.