3D Printed Fire Tablet wall mount

For the 7inch $49 New Fire tablet:

Email Mike@dipsmith.co to order these.

Im working with someone that has modeled up a V1 for me. I mentioned to him that there would probably be a group of individuals that would want one (or more) as well.

EDIT: Final rendition and first mount printed!!

Interested parties
@lordoftheboring x2
@realmofadam -provided contact info
@sgnihttrams -provided contact info
@jpoole412 -provided contact info
@sonicxtacy02 x2
@Matt_Allen x2 (shipping to UK) -provided contact info
@RVoodoo -provided contact info
@pmjoen -provided contact info
@roofone x2 -provided contact info


Continued from above list of interested members:
@Kastle7 x2 --provided contact info
@Squares (White) -Provided contact info
@Rbats -provided contact info
@schapper05 -Provided contact info
@DarcRanger -Provided contact info
@AnthonyJS02 -provided contact info
@PhiDeltDexter -provided contact info

I would be interested in the group buy…looking good so far.
The solution I am thinking of would be to mount this at the location of an existing wall switch (not 2/3/4 way) and use that power to charge the Fire. In lieu of the switch, a smart bulb could be put in the respective lighting fixture. I’m not sure exactly how this would be fired up, e.g. making the power to the light always-on but using tapping off of it (safely) for the USB charge, but it’s a thought I would be curious in hearing any suggestions for.

Keep us posted with the render/ultimate plans.


How you power it would be up to you.

I’ll be installing a recessed outlet box behind this, and running electrical from the nearest outlet. Then either using wireless charging or just the factory charger…haven’t quite decided.

Added you to the op for purchase interest.

Very cool! I’m definitely interested at the $25 level at least; and will consider higher prices after seeing improvements.
Thanks a lot for bringing this here. :slight_smile:

I guess one thing I’d want to know is, how do they get the exact measurements, etc, and is there any chance of duplicating the general process easy enough to do same for other tabs/phones/devices?

IlI’ll be sending one of mine to him for a true-to-spec modeling.

The more people we can get thats interested in this, the better chances we have of the price not getting too high.

I’ll add your name to the OP when im I’m not mobile.

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Got word from the guy that hes looking for 10 for the group buy to be “on”.

Right now we only have 4 and 2 of those are mine.

Spread the word in other threads that people talk about tablet dashboards mounted to the wall.


You can add me to the list as well. Looks really good and I’d really like to have one.

Just so you know, I only have one Fire tab so far, but if it works out, I will get more of them, and will need mounts for them as well. I don’t have any plans to buy any more of them quite yet, but when I do, I will update here to increase my number according to however many Fires I have.

Oh…I just realized I don’t think this has been specifically stated yet…this is for the 7" Fire, right? lol

I am interested as well, I don’t have a fire tab right now (have galaxy tab as well as ipads) but if this mount looks nice I am thinking of getting 2 fire tabs. What material will be used to print these ? Do you have any idea of how finishing would like ?

Plus, I think it would look nicer if the border is all around. That could be done by adding a second part on top of it ?

Created this awhile back for my Amazon Fire HD 6.



I have this mount for my Ipad device, so copied the same design concept for the Fire HD 6, uses magnets

Only issue back then was the plastic would never look perfectly flat. Anyone know of any advances in 3d printing?

Would be happy to share it if I got some help manufacturing

Note: Went with the Fire HD 6 because it has alot higher PPI

Fire HD 6 - (252 ppi / 1280 x 800)
Fire - (171 ppi / 1024 x 600)

Retina is about 300 PPI. You’ll see less pixels the closer you are basically



Not sure. I dont have a printer. There is some sort of epoxy type smoothening product that can be used. Otherwise I guess a little sandpaper or high build spray primer…if its that big of a deal.

Ive recommended a whole frame type system that is keyed for the product to be slid into from the top, with the charging cable attached. Ill be sending out my tablet within the next couple days for him to use for modeling.

That is very nice looking…maybe it’s time that I think about a 3d printer.

this group buy would be cheaper :wink:

[quote=“akoziol99, post:12, topic:42003, full:true”]
Created this awhile back for my Amazon Fire HD 6…[/quote]

Wow! $119?
That seems way more spendy than I’m hoping for.
Looks like it could be nice, though.

[quote=“Turb02, post:1, topic:42003, full:true”]
For the $49 New Fire tablet…[/quote]

Is the one you are talking about in the OP for the 7" Fire tab (sorry…I don’t even know how many sizes there are so far)?

That was his official one for a different device that this one is modeled after. See OP price would be about $25+Shipping

I would be in for 2. I’d love it if, as previously suggested, the mount surrounded the tablet. I would like the tablet to look permanently mounted instead of “docked”

I’m interested, but am based in the UK, so I’m assuming that’s going to be an expensive problem.

I actually included the person and post that I was referring to in my post…

[quote=“sgnihttrams, post:16, topic:42003, full:true”]

[quote=“akoziol99, post:12, topic:42003, full:true”]
Created this awhile back for my Amazon Fire HD 6…[/quote]

Wow! $119?
That seems way more spendy than I’m hoping for.
Looks like it could be nice, though. [/quote]