3D Printed Fire Tablet wall mount

Perfect. Thanks!

So I need to hear from everyone that is still interested. Please PM me so I can keep a running tally of who has finished this step in the process.

This is regarding getting in contact with the seller to exchange address for shipping quote. This needs to be done soonest to determine if the shipping cost will be a nogo for some.

Persons that contact me will receive the sellers email address. I WILL NOT be relaying addresses and cost to the buyers. This is to alleviate a middle man (speeding up the process) and to keep your address between you and the seller.

Would the seller like me to feature this on the SmartTiles page and Twitter feed?

It would be preferable for him to offer his Twitter handle, or we can set up a web form to send him emails.

(We’d almost be willing to buy the CAD file, though I have no idea what a fair price is. There are a lot of 3D printing services available throughout the country.)


I would be interested in one of these in black (if that color choice doesn’t put me to the back of the line since all others have chosen white!) :slight_smile:

As far as final product, if he can get a slightly smooth finish with no rough edges, would be awesome. Thanks for doing this.

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Please revisit the OP.

Ive updated with what the final product will look like.

The nubs are to ensure the tablet will not fall out if mounted with the slot down (@sgnihttrams)

I am absolutely satisfied with this final piece and I think everyone will feel the same way.

Printing in black will be a non-issue, so if you want it in black, just let the maker know once you’ve received his contact information.

If you have not PM’d me, please do so


Sorry…been on vacation, and been sick (ya, nice vacation). Didn’t mean to check out on this. I will read up on what I’ve missed soon and get back in the loop.

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So I had the idea of getting a brown color to see what it would look like next to some of the typical browns you’d see in homes these days (frames, flooring, tables, furniture legs, etc).

It was printed at 1/4 scale to save on materials and time.

Thoughts on color? Anyone interested?

Interesting idea, but have to say that the brown does not appeal to me. Kind of makes me want to consider black though.

I know this is a scaled down version, but will the final product have smoother and more “finished looking” edges? Thanks.

@Rbats yes. The final version of any color would be just like the white version in the OP.

As a reference @roofone , here is what the black looks like:


the pic of the brown was merely a trial print to see if the color was close and not a poop/caramel brown color…which its not (in my eyes). That said, the black looks SECKSY!

BTW, Im getting one of black and white color after seeing the black.


Awesome - thanks for the pics. So those loose strands I see on the black one just come off right? Definitely getting a black mount…

Yes. This is right out of the printer, no cleanup at all


To anyone who showed interest, has not contacted me, and is still wanting to get in on this group buy, PM me.

As with any group buy, the price may go up after time.

So for the following people that have not contacted me or reached out to the printer once I provided the email address, please do so if youre still interested:
@lordoftheboring (stated they wanted 2 mounts)
@sonicxtacy02 (stated they wanted 2 mounts)

I have some questions regarding the cable needed for plugging into the tablet’s Micro USB port…

Here is the one that the Printer offers for $5 (fair price) along with the mount…

I’m confused. I assume there was probably something said about it at some point, and I just missed it, but…

Q1. Why would we need to plug an OTG cable in, and then also go get a male-to-male USB cable in order to get power to it. Seems strange; unless, of course, I’m forgetting how this works lol

Q2. The Printer also mentioned, "Likely any cable that points toward the volume button can be used successfully…"
So, what are the relevant parameters/dimensions or whatever on the mount that guide cable choice?
I guess I never really thought about it, and figured I could just attach a right-angle cable of some sort.

You dont necessarily need the OTG cable. If you can find a right angle cable like pictured, that has the male end of the USB, you dont need the dongle.

As for the dimensions of the cable plug, I dont have one in hand, so I cant say.

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Has there been a price decided? I’d be interested in black one if price is right.

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Price is $25 USD plus actual shipping. Which is what ive seen is typically around $5.

Pm me when you’re ready to order

@Turb02 I will PM you with my order.

But just a suggestion, since these are plastic based, I am planning on actually taking them to a local guy who does “hydro-dipping” if you are unsure what that is, YouTube it. Pretty neat stuff. Patterns basically painted onto your device. While it will make them stick out more, they can become a focal point in any room.

Love the design, and the idea, and hopefully we can make this successful for other sized tablets in the future as well.


Very familiar with hydro dipping. Ive considered doing it to some of my car parts. Good idea, especially if you have the means to DIY with their starter kits. Might be cheaper though, to bring it somewhere as youre doing, since the product is so small.

This one shows that while inverted, the nubs hold the tablet in place