Samsung gas cooktop

I have 30" Samsung Gas Cooktop (NA30N7755TG/AA) that I added to my Smartthings setup. It worked fine for few months then it went offline. There was not much functionality other than we can check if a burner is ON or OFF, so I didn’t bother resetting and adding it again. I am trying to do some automation around it and I wanted to fix this issue so I went back to my stove but I am unable to reset it and add. The Smart connect module has LEDs thats supposed to glow, but its always OFF, there is a hard reset under one of the knobs, but that is not doing anything. The smart connect lights are permanently OFF. I know this is Smartthings not home appliances, but Samsung customer service was not very helpful, so trying to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks

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Hey there! @somunleashed,

Have you already tried power cycling the cooktop by turning off the breaker 3-5 mins, powering on, and then attempting to use the smart connect feature as described in the troubleshooting article below? Confirmed wifi connectivity by power cycling your router?

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Thanks. I never tried the power cycling of the cooktop, so I did that just now, the Smart connect LED on the right side of the cooktop comes ON for quick second and goes OFF, and after that pressing and holding the Smart connect button below the right knob doesn’t do anything. I am unable to add it to Smartthings.

As the problem is persistent after trying the above troubleshooting steps, I would recommend creating a Support ticket so we can look into your concerns further.

You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:
US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

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Thank SamsungZell.
Samsung repair tech looked at it today and figured out the Smartconnect module is faulty and replaced it and I am back online. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Now my next goal is it, somehow get the status of the gas cooktop, when any burner is ON, I want to turn ON the vent hood & lights. I have modified the vent hood to have the fan & lights turned ON always and I have this plugged into a smart outlet, I need to get the status of cooktop to trigger the ON or OFF of this smart outlet. I will create another post for this