CentraLite Keypads

Go into the Lock Code Manager SmartApp and select your Keypads in the “Keypad Info (optional)” section. Make sure you are using the Lock Code Manager by @ethayer with the modifications by @blebson. That’s all I did to get it working perfectly.

Didn’t finish reading the WHOLE thread so I missed that modified version, got that uploaded. Lock codes are now populating and seem to be working. The Keypad however just beeps at me after entering a fifth digit like it only allows 4 digit pins. I set the device type back to the centerlight one. Should I remove and re-add the keypad maybe? Also, once I do get it working, is it possible to kill the beeping/lights on the keypad somehow?

Thanks for the help!


This is exactly my experience too.

@michaelahess, @mdawson, These keypads only allow 4 digit pins, there isn’t any way to change it unfortunately.

ok, that’s fine, but it seems like after:

**correct PIN **

the next key entered, even if it’s “ON” or “OFF” gets


When you get that error sound there’s no change in the SHM mode?

Did you try what I suggested in this thread (re: repairing and unpairing)?

I’ll try this tonight!

SO I just bought a kit that has this device in it. This thread is long:
-What do I need to use this with my Z Wave lock (kwikset 910 using the ethayer lock code manager) so I can delay the alarm from sending notifications for X seconds?
-What device type is needed (if other than the one in this thread)
-What app is needed so this can be used with said smart lock?

This is fantastic work by @mitchp!!


MitchPond’s Device Type:

Z-Wave Lock Reporting Device Type for the lock:


I think that’s all I ended up using, hopefully I linked the right ones…

Ive adde another smart app for the “user lock manager”, different than the original one I had for my Kwikset. No I have 2 showing in my smart apps section, and the key bad is now accessible from both smart apps…?

Ive added the device type for the keypad, which is showing up properly.

What I cant get to happen, is the enrty of any of the door lock codes to disable/enable the SHM modes.

Is this typical?

When I enter a code and press either of the bottom 3 (off, Partial, or On) buttons, I get a “bee-do” audible signal.

After modifying the Lock Code Manager Code (linked above) all I did was replace it with my currently installed Lock Code Manager code in IDE. This allowed continued functionality of my previously set up codes but also allowed me to add my keypad.

Note: The keypad only works with 4-digit codes.

Also, in order to use the keypad you need to select the mode FIRST (Stay/Away/Night) and then type in your 4-digit code. Typing in your code first will only disarm the keypad (may not work the same for the IRIS keypad, I’m not sure).

Well, shit! Im using the newest model (3405-L) keypad that is sold with the security kits from Lowes. It does not look like the keypad in the second post of this thread…

Am I screwed?

No, it’s the same guts pretty much, just a different look. You should still have to hit the mode before entering in your PIN. There have been multiple people who have said that my/mitchp’s code worked for their new Iris keypad.

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Actually on my Iris keypad I enter the PIN and then mode to both disarm and arm. But it’s working great with Mitch’s device handler and smartapp (I don’t use the lock manager smartapp since I have no smart locks).


So, I hit the mode button then the 4 digit code and I get no confirmation that its working…is that normal? Because my SHM doesnt change based on what I hit (On, Partial, Off). on the keypad.

Please assist on how this is supposed to work.

Ive verified that I have all devices and apps installed, as posted by @michaelahess but still am not getting any PINs tin the keypad to change the state of the locks or SHM.

Please advise.

Have you set up all the routines within the “Keypad Info” section of the smartapp? Have you also set up your routines so that they also change your SHM state?

I have and maybe I was being too hasty with the smart app.

Now, has anyone gotten the lock code to disarm the SHM?

What Id like (maybe another thread has covered this or is needed), is to enter a code on my door lock, and have it disarm the SHM, then when leaving use the keypad to arm the SHM after a preset time (15 seconds using this threads DT and App.).

Any insight on that last part?

My current setup does that exact thing. I have a 60 second delay after arming which sets it to the desired mode through a routine which also sets SHM accordingly. Then I have both presence and unlocking a door using a code perform another routine that disarms SHM. There is a bit of a delay when disarming SHM with the lock, 5-10 seconds, so it will trigger an alarm when you first open the door. Other than that it works perfectly.

So the notifications will be sent regardless, that there was an “intruder”?