3-Way Switch Recommendation

I presently have a WT00Z-1 associated to a WD500Z-1.
The switches are about 15 feet from each other in a hallway.
The response time when pressing the WT00Z-1 is over 20 seconds.
Sure there are others that have this setup and wondering if they have had the same issue
and is there a way to make this faster.
If this is the nature of the association, is there a better way to go to get a better response time,
cause with this type of delay, it is quicker to walk over to the WD500Z-1 load bearing switch and turn it
off or on.

Something is definitely wrong. :disappointed_relieved: Direct Association should always be under 2 seconds, and usually faster than that.

Start by running a zwave repair utility and see if you get any error messages.



When you did the Association, did you use a minimote or?

Yes, I used the MiniMote to associate the two switches
But I do have both the WTZ001 and WD500Z-1 setup in ST Hub.
Wondering if this is correct and need to delete the WTZ001 from the ST Hub

You will only be able to do the Association if both devices belong to the same network, so if you delete the accessory switch from the SmartThings hub then you won’t be able to associate it with the master switch. That’s just how zwave direct Association works. First you add both devices to the same zwave network, then you associate them. So it sounds like that part is right. :sunglasses:

Did you do anything else to set it up so that when you manually press the accessory switch the master switch would come on? That is, did you use smartlights or any other smartapps for the accessory switch?

  1. Open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) select the rooms icon (four tiny squares) at the bottom of the screen

  1. select " things" at the top of the screen

Four) scroll down until you find the accessory light

Five) click on the name of the accessory light (not the icon on the left or right of it, just the name). That will open the details page for the accessory light.

Six) click on “smartapps” at the top of the details page. That will display a list of any smartapps/automations that are using that switch. For the accessory switch, you should not see anything listed.

Ok, did a repair on the Z-Wave network with no errors.
But I do see the Hallway Spare listed in the Smart Apps, can’t figure out how to remove this.
Do I have to Delete the Accessory Switch from ST Hub?

Exactly which smartapp is listed on the details page for the accessory switch?

Can you post a screenshot of that page?

If you click on the name of the smartapp on that list on the details page, it should open it’s setup wizard and you should be able to take the accessory switch off of that smartapp that way.

I use these switches and response time is such that without looking I can not tell which one controls the load. They are very fast.

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Now I see that any switch I have thru out the house shows up if I select it then goto SmartApps… So thinking this is not relevant to the slow response.
Response time did seem to go from about 20 seconds down to 10 seconds after I ran the Z-Wave Repair utility.
But still too slow for the Wife’s liking, and we all know if Mama ain’t happy,
Maybe just a bad WTZ001 remote? Guess I could set a button on the Minmote for the main switch and see what the response time is from it.

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Thanks, finally got the response time down to around 2 Seconds.
Just went into the Mobile app, told it to delete the WTZ001 switch, which failed to delete telling me
that I need to follow manufactures recommendations on removing it from the Network.
So switch did not actually get removed, and still shows up.
But now response time is around two seconds or so and like you said really can’t tell difference
between press it or the main switch.

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2 seconds to fully ramp from nothing to full light?

Or 2 seconds to start anything?

Are you using this as a switch or a dimmer?

Mine have no delay!

It sounds like you have them configured in the hub instead of directly associated.

2 second delay would be enough to make this unusable for me as I use these as dimmers.

2 seconds response time as I try and get it dimmed to a level would make this not workable.