Z-Wave association (3-way) (Linear WT00z)

I am having problems getting my 3-way Z-wave working. I installed a WS15Z switch and a WT00Z slave. The WS15Z works fine, both manually and by remote. However, the WT00Z does not seem to associate with anything. Although the LED on the WT00Z switch lights up, it is not detected by the controller and it does’t even control the light manually. I understand that the WT00Z should associate with the WS15Z to make it work. It is not happening. Can someone help me out?

Most people use an aeon minimote to make the association between the two. Do you have one?

If not, what are you using to make the association?

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My understanding was that the WT00Z would be detected by the controller (Telguard HomeControl), as it did with all my other WS15Z. I am not quite sure what to do to make the association between both devices for the 3-way? I don’t know what an eon minimize does, but if this is what is required, I am willing to get one. Do you think this is what I need?

This forum is for SmartThings users. Do you have a SmartThings installation?

No, I have Telguard HomeControl. Do you think I could use a minimote to associate both switches (WS15Z and WT00Z)?

Sorry, no idea. Different controllers handle this situation differently, you would need to check with Telguard.

Yes. A minimote /should/ work. I have a few used ones left if you’d like (heading to the post office in about an hour and a half to ship a few handfuls off) for $12 shipped.

PayPal and include address to cody@truscott.me if you’d like one.

(That is, if you are able to reset the accessory switch to factory and then include it in your zwave network.)

Thanks for the offer codytruscott. The problem is that I am unable to get my controller to detect and include the WT00Z. I don’t know if the minimote will allow me to pair the two switches even if the WT00Z is not included in the network? (I guess not, from your answer.) The corresponding WS15Z is in the network (and works well). I am puzzled. I have asked Telguard representatives and they don’t know. Any advice would be appreciated.

If it’s a supported device, you likely need to exclude it. The minimote makes that easy. Your controller likely has an exclude feature. Do that before adding.

(Out of minimotes. Just sold the last one on Amazon.)

Depends on how the controller regards the minimote. Some Zwave controllers do the association themselves. It’s not certain that the minimote will work for a network where the Telgard is the primary controller.

Really you need to talk to the Telgard people.

  1. how do they do association between two zwave devices that support association?

  2. do they allow the minimote to function as a secondary controller on their network? If so, can it do association, or does it have to be done through another method?

There really isn’t any way that we can answer those questions on this forum. They’re specific to telguard.

While Zwave it is a common third-party standard, there’s a lot of leeway in what each controller can do above a basic on/off. So questions of this type need to be answered in the context of how that specific controller operates.

For example, the answer to this question would be very different for an installation where vera was the primary controller versus where smartthings was the primary controller. It’s just how it works.

It’s also possible that it’s just a bad switch. That happens too.

Sorry I can’t help more, but it’s really not a question this forum can answer.

Many thanks for your answers. I will try to investigate with Telguard.

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