2nd Try: Need Help on Nest with Remote Sensor

Hi Everyone,

I am having difficult time to create a piston that controls the Nest Thermostat based on a single Netatmo remote sensor temperature reading.

If the Netatmo sensor temp reaches or rises to 77F,
Then set the Nest “desired” temp 2 degrees below the current temperature on the Nest (which is very far away from the Netatmo sensor).
Then, after 5 minutes of running the AC (regardless the temp),
Then I would like to set the Nest’s temp 5 degrees above the latest current temp to stop the AC.

Can some give me some hints or guidance?

Thanks in advance.

Can you post a screenshot of your failed attempts? Might be able to help you identify what is wrong with them. Or you can give this a whirl.

Integer desiredTemp = nest thermostat temp

If neatmo sensor is greater than or equal to 77
Using Nest…
Set cooling point (use the expression field)
desiredTemp - 2
Wait 5 minutes
Set cooling point (use the expression field)
desiredTemp + 5

You can do the same thing without the variable if you substitute the variable for [nest device:temperature] but I feel the variable gives a cleaner look

Thanks so much for your help. I will give a try. Thanks again!

Of course. It’s what I do to give back

Hi Dustin,

Sorry for a beginner’s question. How do you define “Integer desiredTemp = nest thermostat temp”? Also, can you please elaborate “use expression field”?

Thanks in advance

No worries. So to start click the x2 button at the top. This enabled the variables section in the top section of the script view.

Click on add new variable or define new variable. In the window that opens up you will change dynamic to number (integer). The blank field next to that is where you’ll name your variable.

Below that you’ll see a drop down. Click that and change it to physical device. Then select your Nest. Then select the temperature attribute.

If you named the variable like I did then you will not need to change the expression I wrote before.

So now you are done with the variable section. Go to your actions section. Instead of using value, change it to expression. Do this by clicking value and selecting expression.