Increment nest temperature with CoRE

Hi @ady624 and all. I’m trying to create a piston to keep the temperature in the house at a certain amount based on a temperature reading from a motion sensor in the nursery (rather than the thermostat temperature as that is in the lounge).

I think the piston is working nicely however at the point in the piston where it needs to increase the heating, it won’t do it.

I have a Nest thermostat. The method I have been using in the piston is setHeatingSetpointUp and have tried passing in parameter which is a number and a string, both as “1”. I get no error but nothing happens to the heating when it runs that task in the piston. I know the piston runs ok as I added a notification task at the same level and this runs.

Anyone have any idea how to turn the heating Setpoint up by a number in a piston for a nest with a method they have tried that works?

The nest handler I am using in the one from Nest Manager by the way created by @tonesto7.

I asked this on the CoRE thread but no reply so hoping more people can see it this way :slight_smile:

What your looking for can b done with nest manager. Check out the automations section of the app and choose your nursery sensor as the alternate temp sensor.


I did have a look at that method beforehand, but it’s not quite doing what I want. I only want it to do this in a particular mode and there doesn’t seem a way to do that using the nest manager automations.

I’m not entirely clear what that automation does either. As far as I can tell, when the temperature reaches the set point minus the threshold then it increases the temperature by the given amount. But when does it check again to see if the temperature has improved? And does it increase the temperature again if it has not as it could end up turning the heating up lots if it takes time to warm the room?

The piston I’ve created works really well as it checks the state of the heating as well as the setpoint before incrementing it. That’s the frustrating thing as it’s literally just the final bit I’m struggling on!

Seems like this is something no one has had to do with a piston and a nest before :pensive:

So for anyone looking to do this in the future, I solved it by just calling heatingSetpointUp with no parameters, from looking at the code this increases the heating Setpoint by 0.5. So I just call it twice. Seems to work well.

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I needed this.