Nest Thermostat triggers

Nest doesn’t natively support a boost function. I am trying to think of a workaround before buying one.

I was thinking I could use Smartthings, to set a timer every time the temperature is manually increased, something like “if temperature is manually adjusted, wait 45 minutes then adjust to 21ºc”

Would this work? Are the applicable triggers available in Smartthings?


  • manually adjusted is not an option.
  • you can use “stays this status for how long?” in place of the wait.

my guess is you would need to use State (option of Heating or Cooling) stays this status for 45 minutes and adjust the temp to 21 - maybe add “and temp is above 21”

options for Nest thermostat:

the range options are available for Cooling temp, Heating Temp, Temp and Humidity. ignore the duplicate listings, I believe it is due to the fact I have a two stage system.

State Conditions are:

Thermostat modes are:

Fan modes are:

You may also want to inquire with SharpTools about their Rule Engine and what it might be able to achieve for you.

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Interesting, thank you! So I could use if State = Heating, return to 21c after 45 minutes. and make it apply only during the hours the timer is not set.

It worked perfectly! In fact, Smartthings is also even better for scheduling than the Nest app.

I can disable the rule while the schedule is running, without having to worry about conflicts, but even better, I can tie the heating to outside temps, which I can’t do in the Nest app.

I get the Nest app is primarily for private homes where these features are not necessarily a priority though.