Need help to build action for Nest and Netatmo

Hi Everyone,

I am having difficult time to create a piston that control the Nest Thermostat based on a single Netatmo remote sensor temperature reading. Say, if the Netatmo sensor temp reaches or rises to 77F, then set the Nest “desired” temp 2 degrees below the current temperature on the Nest (which is very far away from the Netatmo sensor). Then, after 10 minutes of running the AC, then I want to set the Nest’s temp 5 degrees above the latest current temp to stop the AC.

Thanks in advance.

If you are running nst manager, this automation is built in - call remote sensor.

If the Netatmo looks like a SmartThings temp sensor, just configure the automation.

Sorry, I added another condition, would Nest Manager allow me to do the additional condition?

remote sensor won’t do the latter condition.

I do think you should try remote sensor to see if it will do what you want. If not, webCoRE is your friend if you have some programming abilities.

remote sensor can
a) use a different temp sensor
b) average temp sensors