Setting Nest Temperature from a Variable

I’m trying to create a CoRE Piston to increase the current Nest temperature to the current room temperature plus 2 degrees. I can read the room temp and create a variable with the increased setting, but I can’t get the Nest to receive this back. I’ve tried ‘Load attribute from variable’, which appears to do nothing. I’ve looked at simply setting the temperature, but that will only accept a number - not a variable. I’ve also validated in debug that my variable is getting set correctly.

Any ideas what I’m missing, please?

CoRE or WebCoRE? If CoRE, you should install webCoRE because it can do so much more. Try it out and also check out the WebCORE community forum at

This looks greats, but it’s nowhere near as intuitive as the original CoRE. Following the prompts, I’m unable to access the information, meaning I have to be familiar with the programming language enough to know what all the methods and parameters are, and where to find them. It might be a more powerful option, but it makes crating pistons much more code intensive than I was looking for. :confused:

Hi Robin,

I can see what you mean for most of it, and as a programmer, I quite like the fact that I can get down into code. What’s missing for me though, and what makes it less intuitive in my opinion, is that when I select my Nest Thermostat, there’s no obvious way of knowing how to retrieve the room temperature. This means I need to learn how to either use introspection within the code to figure it out (if this is even possible) or simply learn the methods and attributes available somehow, and write the code by hand. Again, I’m assuming I can hand-write the code… :wink:


has anyone figured out how to do the nest humidity setting? Temp is this thread, but didn’t know if there was quick thought on humidity? Doesn’t seem to be a setting in the capabilities out of the box in the “do” field