24VAC Switch for Pool Gas Heater

I have a 24VAC Switch with my Pool Heater box. It turns the Pool Gas Heater to Either: On for Spa only, or On for Pool & Spa. It’s a pain to walk outside to hit that switch to turn the heater for the Pool on.

I’m looking for a z-wave device to control the Switch only, and likely need waterproof case and Power Supply (an outlet is close to it if need).

I bought the Aeotec Dimmer, but that requires different high voltage input. I just want to control the on/off of this switch. The wires to the switch are 18 gauge, and just a red and a white.

thanks in advance!


If you have the Aeotec already then you could just use that with a relay to do the switching.

something like “LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-Wave 20-amp Isolated Contact Fixture Module” would be more direct application. I’d try to squeeze in the same enclosure.

I’m no expert, and don’t want to cause a fire or burn something out. What would I connect to what as far as wires on the Aeotec?


Thanks - this device looks like too much like a live wire for me to handle.


You are going to have a hard time finding a 24VAC smart devices. What other voltage is available to work with? I know the aeon Nano switch is able to work with 24VDC. Don’t use a dimmer for turning on/of. Possible damage to your controller.

Thanks. Here is an outdoor outlet available to Power a Device. Just need something to be an on/off type switch, that is currently a 24VAC switch.

Could you be more specific on what I do with a relay?

A relay looks like below: You’ll need a relay with a 120V coil. You connect LOAD L+N to pins 2 and 7, and AC POWER L+N to 120V incoming. Your 24V line you want to interrupt connects to pins 1 and 3 (or 6 and 8) which are your normally open contacts.

When you connect your “dimmer”, only use the switch function of it.


A RIBU1C would fit the bill and go between your high side (standard 120v switch) and low side (existing 24vac switch). Plus they’re cheap.

Thank you.
So I would use RIB1UC with the Aeotec dimmer switch together?
Sorry, just a bit dumb on all this.

Instead of adding an external relay and if 120VAC is available. The vision relay module has dry contact you can use. Have a look at this post.

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You can use what @Navat604 suggested or if you are using a relay you can use pretty much any 120v smart switch on the market.

Thanks. I guess my question should have been: what’s suggested? And the. How to set it up.

Setting it up and wiring is where I’m still lost. Not sure how/where to pull Power from to do this.

Well…I know how I’d do it but based on comments you made I’m not sure you’d feel comfortable with it. So with that said you mentioned having a 120v outlet? Is that near or in the same box? Or is there 120v somewhere in there you can tap off of?

Thanks. Yes there is an external 120v close by. Within 3 feet

If the instructions I posted above are too complicated, I suggest you hire an electrician. Things can go wrong fast if you’re not certain of what you’re doing.

For the Vision ZL7431US, I have a 120VAC outlet nearby but this does not have an outlet plug. How would you connect it to the outlet?

Do you have an extra computer power cord? Cut off the socket end and connect that to your Power In pins. White to N and Black to L