24VAC Switch for Pool Gas Heater

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I have a 24VAC Switch with my Pool Heater box. It turns the Pool Gas Heater to Either: On for Spa only, or On for Pool & Spa. It’s a pain to walk outside to hit that switch to turn the heater for the Pool on.

I’m looking for a z-wave device to control the Switch only, and likely need waterproof case and Power Supply (an outlet is close to it if need).

I bought the Aeotec Dimmer, but that requires different high voltage input. I just want to control the on/off of this switch. The wires to the switch are 18 gauge, and just a red and a white.

thanks in advance!

(Andy - United Kingdom) #2

If you have the Aeotec already then you could just use that with a relay to do the switching.

(Eric) #3

something like “LINEAR FS20Z-1 Z-Wave 20-amp Isolated Contact Fixture Module” would be more direct application. I’d try to squeeze in the same enclosure.

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I’m no expert, and don’t want to cause a fire or burn something out. What would I connect to what as far as wires on the Aeotec?


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Thanks - this device looks like too much like a live wire for me to handle.

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(Ray) #7

You are going to have a hard time finding a 24VAC smart devices. What other voltage is available to work with? I know the aeon Nano switch is able to work with 24VDC. Don’t use a dimmer for turning on/of. Possible damage to your controller.

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Thanks. Here is an outdoor outlet available to Power a Device. Just need something to be an on/off type switch, that is currently a 24VAC switch.

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Could you be more specific on what I do with a relay?

(Edward Niedziejko) #10

A relay looks like below: You’ll need a relay with a 120V coil. You connect LOAD L+N to pins 2 and 7, and AC POWER L+N to 120V incoming. Your 24V line you want to interrupt connects to pins 1 and 3 (or 6 and 8) which are your normally open contacts.

When you connect your “dimmer”, only use the switch function of it.


(Allan) #11

A RIBU1C would fit the bill and go between your high side (standard 120v switch) and low side (existing 24vac switch). Plus they’re cheap.

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Thank you.
So I would use RIB1UC with the Aeotec dimmer switch together?
Sorry, just a bit dumb on all this.

(Ray) #13

Instead of adding an external relay and if 120VAC is available. The vision relay module has dry contact you can use. Have a look at this post.

(Allan) #14

You can use what @Navat604 suggested or if you are using a relay you can use pretty much any 120v smart switch on the market.

(KB) #15

Thanks. I guess my question should have been: what’s suggested? And the. How to set it up.

Setting it up and wiring is where I’m still lost. Not sure how/where to pull Power from to do this.

(Allan) #16

Well…I know how I’d do it but based on comments you made I’m not sure you’d feel comfortable with it. So with that said you mentioned having a 120v outlet? Is that near or in the same box? Or is there 120v somewhere in there you can tap off of?

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Thanks. Yes there is an external 120v close by. Within 3 feet

(Edward Niedziejko) #18

If the instructions I posted above are too complicated, I suggest you hire an electrician. Things can go wrong fast if you’re not certain of what you’re doing.

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For the Vision ZL7431US, I have a 120VAC outlet nearby but this does not have an outlet plug. How would you connect it to the outlet?

(Edward Niedziejko) #20

Do you have an extra computer power cord? Cut off the socket end and connect that to your Power In pins. White to N and Black to L